Anglia: Zeitschrift für englische Philologie

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Page 238 - geplapper anzunehmen. 1750. Paynted tumbes ist hier wol eine biblische anspielung , worauf mich Murray aufmerksam gemacht. Vgl. dazu H. Bible S. Matthew XXIII, 27: 'ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are
Page 303 - unexplained. He wanders about invoking spirits, which appear to him, and are of no use; he at last goes to the very abode of the Evil Principle in propria persona , to evocate a ghost, which appears, and gives him an ambiguous and disagreeable answer; and in the third act he is found by
Page 303 - Not with my hand, but heart — which broke her heart — It gazed on mine, and wither'd. I have shed Blood, but not hers — and yet her blood was shed — I saw — and could not stanch it.
Page 15 - John Oldcastle, whom they have fancied a boon companion, a jovial royster, and yet a coward to boot, contrary to the credit of all chronicles, owning him a martial man of merit. The best is, S r - John
Page 303 - 't is blood my blood! the pure warm stream Which ran in the veins of my fathers, and in ours When we were in our youth, and had one heart, And loved each other
Page 302 - hospitable home, And spirit patient, pious, proud, and free. Thy selfrespect, grafted on innocent thoughts; Thy days of health, and nights of sleep, thy toils, By danger dignified, yet guiltless; hopes Of
Page 362 - But wherfore that I spake to yive credence To olde stories, and doon hem reverence, And that men mosten more thyng beleve Then they may seen at eighe or elles preve; That shal I seyn, whane that I see my tyme;
Page 307 - sands which bear no shrubs to blast And revels o'er their wild and arid waves And seeketh not, so that it is not sought, But being met is deadly.
Page 147 - played a Tragedye of Gods Promyses in the olde Lawe, at the Market Crosse, with Organe, Plainges, and Songes very aptely. In the Afternone agayne they played a Commedie of Sanct Johan Baptistes Preachinges, of Christes Baptisynge, and of his Temptacion in the Wildernesse, to
Page 379 - A Legende of perfite holynesse, Of good Women to fynd out nynetene That did excell in bounte and fayrenes, But for his labour and besinesse Was importable his wittes to encombre In all this world to fynd so grete a

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