Science and Religion, the Continuing Conflict, Book 1

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Trafford Publishing, Jan 1, 2003 - Philosophy - 203 pages
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"After reading this book ,it is obvious now ,that I will go back to college and finish my education. How foolish it is to try and live in a world I do not yet understand. I have also decided never to marry a person I do not know and understand completely.The genetics of other cultures has been and eye opener for me. You can bet your life I will learn the genetics of the man I plan to marry and also his family. The number of subjects covered in this book has been unreal and a real education. I look foward to reading Book Two and the other books mentioned in Book One."
Anna Kelly, Portland. Oregon

"I have never read a more straight forward presentation on embryology and it's relationship to creation. I was flabergasted and I have been studying the subject for 4 years now. The writer's relationship on embryology and creation is wonderful and very intelligent.The formation of the brain and the instructions forwarded to construct other parts of the body was abosolutely mind blowing. We in Med. are aware of the over all picture but I never got into this area as it was explained by B Elliott and I bet it would be hard to find another MD who had done so. This was enough to sell me on the creative process."
Henry Bell, N.Y.

This book covers an unbelivable number of subjects,in great detail,and all of them were verifiable by our research group. Every student working on their Phd. was extremly excited. Our group covered all the Medical, Biological, and Theological aspects presented in this Book One also Book Two.The Astrology, Astronomy,Embryology and Astrobiology was like taking a graduate course in these and all the other subjects included.If you read both books you will really want to read his others. Every one in the Science, Biology,and Theology classes have already purchased Book Two after reading Book One.
John Henderson, North Carolina

This book will give you facts and information beyond your belief and with an open mind you will soon be able to reach your own conclusions on the particular questions and subjects at hand. The author is not trying to make you change your religious beliefs or have you become a scientist, agnostic, or atheist; but you will soon have the necessary information to understand Creation and the existence or non-existence of a Deity. Even if you do not reach your own conclusions, you will be better informed than you were before you read this book.

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