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Evenly paced, smart legal thriller—trademark Grisham (The Litigators, 2011, etc.), in other words."Secrets are extremely hard to keep in prison, especially when outsiders appear and start asking questions." So writes Grisham in the voice of one Malcolm Bannister, a one-time attorney who has gotten himself in trouble and is now "halfway through a ten-year sentence handed down by a weak and ... Read full review

Review: The Racketeer

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John Grisham ranks at the top of authors in worldwide sales of his books. He has published more than two dozen novels, almost all of them revolving around America's legal system. But he refuses to allow himself to be categorized or pigeonholed by his books. Grisham's THE INNOCENT MAN was a nonfiction account of an Oklahoma man wrongfully convicted of murder. Turning away from legal themes entirely ... Read full review

Review: The Racketeer

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The Racketeer by John Grisham Publication Date: October 23, 2012 Genres: Crime Fiction, Fiction, Suspense Hardcover: pages Publisher: Doubleday ISBN10: 0385535147 ISBN13: 9780385535144 Recommend Twitter Email Print ShareThis Comment About the Book John Grisham Biography Bibliography Find a Book View all | By Author | By Genre | By Date More to Read City of Tranquil Light by by Bo Caldwell ... Read full review

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Trickery and deception in a woven tale.

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I really liked the book. It was slow going at the beginning and then in the middle of the book it took a crazy turn and I couldn't put it down. I kept guessing and wondering where the story was going after each page. Grisham did a great job holding my attention. There were many twists and turns. His imagination and creativity was truly exhilarating. The only let down for me was the last page, the final ending. I'm not sure how I wanted the ending to be, but I was let down as the last page seemed cheesy. He spent so much time creating this action packed novel, i felt like he got tired of writing at the end and just gave the story a generic ending. Like I said, I'm not sure how I really wanted it to end, but the ending seemed cheap. 

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Excellent Book

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I Simply enjoyed reading the book and definitely recommend it. Thrill, exciting and unpredictable. When I read 2/3 the book and the main story looked like it was already finished, I wondered what the author could still have in his pocket. I expect some action in gang trying to catch Max or several court sessions but I never expected such twist. I even began to feel boring with author not explaining who the hell is Nathan, it looked like he just start a new story!!!!
Again I recommend this book and looking forward to see it filmed.

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Just finished reading this book. It has a great story line.

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The Racketeering

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Great read
Very fast paced. Interesting.

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