Manchester Directory and Advertiser Embracing the Names of the Citizens, a Business Directory and an Almanac & Memorandum

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Sampson & Murdock Company, 1883 - Manchester (N.H.)

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Page 17 - Squares, etc., and showing what other streets and places run from them, or across them, with the number at which they intersect From this list the location of any number on a street...
Page 582 - Having the exclusive agency of several of the largest and best Mills in New England, we are able to supply PUBLISHERS with fine and superfine BOOK PAPERS, of every size and weight, in any quantity, and at short notice.
Page 533 - ... our fathers and their sacrifices for the maintenance of the Union ; to aid the members of the Grand Army of the Republic in caring for...
Page 514 - Galvanic Batteries, Hearing Trumpets, Auricles, and Conversation Tubes for the Deaf. Together with many other articles for the use of the SICK and INVALIDS. Also the largest and best assortment of Atomizers and Nasal Douche, To be found in the United States. A GOLD MEDAL has lately been awarded us by the Middlesex Mechanics Association, as will be seen from the following report, signed by a leading New England Surgeon and Physician: "1503.
Page 29 - GENERAL DIRECTORY. ABBREVIATIONS.—st. street; pi. place; ct. court; sq. square ; la. lane ; b. or bds. boards; blk. block; h. house; c. or cor. corner ; av., avenue; n. near ; r. rear ; fr. from ; opp. opposite ; bet., between ; bey., beyond; bldg. building ; (B.), Boston; Wash.., Washington; B'way., Broadway; ss, south side; B.
Page 550 - ... copper ; and he has a great number of valuable medals. Many of these antiquities command a very high price in the market, their numbers being absolutely limited, and the demand for them steadily increasing. The present officers of the Stark Mills are : Clerk, Phinehas Adams ; Treasurer, Edmund Dwight ; Directors, William Amory, J. Ingersoll Bowditch, Lewis Downing. Jr., T. Jefferson Coolidge, John L. Bremer, j. Lewis Stackpole, and Roger Walcott ; Manufacturing Agent,* Phinehas Adams ; Selling...
Page 432 - ... which is regulated for the fineness required. It has been successfully used on a wonderful variety of materials, including Ores, Minerals, Mica, Glue, Bones, Asbestos, Sugar, Grains, Dried Roots, Paints, Chemicals, Fertilizers, etc., and for granulating corn, meal, glue, etc. It has also proved valuable for triturating liquids. The engraving shows a small machine thrown open to show the internal parts. A hopper to be placed at the "FEED" aperture conducts the material into the machine. The "OUTLET"...
Page 583 - Sausages, Sausage Skins, Pigs' Feet, Etc. Also, Slaughterers and Wholesale Dealers in live and Dressed HOGS. EXTRA LAKD OIL, GLUE, AND ANIMAL FERTILIZERS.
Page 573 - Office hours from 8 to 9 AM, 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 PM Telephone 579 Mr.
Page 432 - Pipe, with Pump and Regulator ready for use. These wonderfully efficient and economical variable Cut-off Portable Engines have no competitors in ECONOMY OF FUEL AND WATER, and in regulation of speed. They are widely known and have attracted the favorable attention of many expert Steam Engineers, both at home and abroad. At the Centennial, after most thorough and exhaustive tests, the HOADLEY PORTABLE ENGINE received the HIGHEST AWARD, and the highest possible approbation of the Judges. See their...

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