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Board of Commissioners for the Second Geological Survey, 1880
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Page iv - FA GENTH— Mineralogist and Chemist at Philadelphia. FA GENTH, Jr — Aid in the Laboratory. AS McCREATH — Chemist, in charge of the Laboratory of the Survey, 223 Market street, Harrisburg. JOHN M. STINSON— Aid in the Laboratory. CE HALL— Geologist in charge of the Survey of Delaware county, and Palaeontologist in charge of the Museum.
Page 239 - The coal does not coke, and the gases burn with a very feebly luminous flame. The coal, after being dried, begins to absorb water rapidly, and in two hours has re-absorbed sixty per cent. of the water originally present. This amount is not increased by longer exposure.
Page 239 - " 245 " " same. '• "200 " ". 4.19^ " 340 " " 4.50% "460 " " 4.69 % At a dull red heat the Coal loses 12.59 % But in all these experiments the water re-absorbed is about the same ; that is, the coal re-absorbs 2.48 parts of water. Irrespective, therefore, of the amount of water, &c., driven off by heat, the portion re-absorbed is practically constant ; and this property is not destroyed, even aller all the volatile matter is driven off.

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