Landmarks of history. Middle ages: from the reign of Charlemagne to that of Charles v. By the author of 'Kings of England'.

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Page 263 - All the ends of the world shall remember themselves, and be turned unto the Lord : and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before him.
Page 70 - July; and on the 23rd of the same month Godfrey of Bouillon was chosen ruler of the new kingdom ; he, however, piously refused to wear a crown of gold where his Lord had worn a crown of thorns, and contented himself with the modest title of Baron of the Holy Sepulchre.
Page 267 - It appears that his Majesty does not think fit to fulfil that which he, with the Queen, who is now in glory, has promised me by word and seal. For me to contend for the contrary, would be to contend with the wind. I have done all that I could do. I leave the rest to God, whom I have ever found propitious to me in my necessities.
Page 85 - A$ an early period of life, he was attacked by the gout, which gradually deprived him of the use of his limbs, and of which he died, June 28, 1801, at fifty-four years of age. Mr. Wheatley was elected associate of the Royal Academy, Nov. 1790, and Royal Academician, Feb. 10, 1791. He was a handsome man, of elegant manners, and generally a favourite in genteel company. He understood his art, and spoke with great taste...
Page 84 - I would have lost my empire, if I had been Frederic, before I would have submitted to be trampled on in that manner. Mrs. M. Humiliations of that kind were not at all uncommon. Several instances are recorded of nobles who were obliged to make...
Page 311 - Edition, with the addition of a Table of the Contemporary Sovereigns of Europe, a Genealogical Table of the Kings of England, a List of the Royal Families of England, and a Continuation to 1872.
Page 115 - He was forced to take the crown from the Altar, and put it on his own head, and the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem laid the Church under an interdict.
Page 311 - KINGS OF ENGLAND. A History for Young Children. By the Author of "Scenes and Characters.
Page 156 - Inquisition, and the four knights were led out together, in their shrouds, with their hands chained, firm and patient, and their only care to clear their brethren from the horrible stain on their memory. They were burned in a slow fire on the llth of March, 1314, and the last time the voice of Jacques de Molay was heard, while the smoke was curling round his venerable head, was this summons, " I call on thee, Clement Pope of Rome, and on thee, Philippe King of France and Navarre, to appear, the one...

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