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General Kiimesstree?
Yeah, whatever.
Look, if you don't want to handle calculus and other beginner's topics ... don't waste your time. It's not like, what, you're going to get a great job and win a Nobel prize or something.
If they're not paying you to sit on your can and drink beer after class, what makes you think they'll pay you to use this hooey?
If you are getting paid to study chemistry, why read it? We don't need no stinkin' scientists or something like that. That's what Chindia is for ... You just have to know the party line. I know b/c everything we need to know is in the NYT.
Oh, by the way, G.C. was my 'secret weapon' in college. This book is one of the many reasons why the masters that be called for me by name to train the people they hired for the jobs they would not pay me to do.
Study this at your own risk. Remember ... if you use the science in this book, not even your suntan or your surname will protect you from the consequences. You could easily become more radioactive than Three Mile Island.
If you want a Nobel prize, just stick your finger in the wind and find out what Scandinavian communists think is the most important piece of Western Civilization to destroy next.
And if you cannot understand this post, you shouldn't be risking people's lives by taking a slot in science, engineering, or health care. ...
Just sayin...

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Sufficiently explains Chemistry in an introductory context but out of date in terms of hybrid orbitals. I appreciate Linus Pauling's achievements including peace AND chemistry in which he was awarded two Nobel prizes in those topics.

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