The University of Missouri Studies, Volume 1

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Page 36 - Also ye shalbe redy at all your power, if there by any debate or stryf, or oder sothan (sudden) case of fyre within the town to help to surcess it. "Also ye shalbe redy at the obite of Kyng Adelstan, at the Dirige, and the Messe, at such time as it is done at the warnyng of the belman of the towne, and do your dewte in rynging and for to offer at the messe on the morne. So help you God and thies holy Evangelistes.
Page 23 - Sibyllini monuere versus virgines lectas puerosque castos dis, quibus septem placuere colles, dicere carmen. Alme Sol, curru nitido diem qui promis et celas aliusque et idem nasceris, possis nihil urbe Roma visere maius. Rite maturos aperire partus lenis, Ilithyia, tuere matres, sive tu Lucina probas vocari seu Genitalis.
Page 62 - In fear of his life and person, Geoffrey took refuge in St. Martin's Priory at Dover, one of the great English sanctuaries. He arrayed himself in his full archiepiscopal robes, but by order of Longchamp was forcibly removed five days later and imprisoned at Dover. In excuse for the extreme measures taken by the Bishop of Ely it was said that St. Martin's Priory was under control of the bishop, who in addition was papal legate and so possessed of power sufficient to warrant such violation of privilege....
Page 3 - Since none but related tones can belong to the same melody, and since "relationship" seems to exist only between tones represented by products of 2, 3, 5, and 7, the complete musical scale, or the series of all the tones which may occur in a single melody, is represented by the infinite series of all products of the powers of 2, 3, 5, and 7 (p. 249). The beginnings of such a scale, containing so many of these related products as were found to be needed in the analysis of the melodies he studied,...
Page 36 - Messe at such tyme as it is done at the warnyng of the belman of the town, and do your dewte in ryngyng, and for to offer at the messe on the morne, so help you god and thies holy Evangelists." And then gar hym kysse the Book.
Page 15 - The sudden breaking up of religious privileges and immunities, especially in the case of the regulars, under Henry VIII., did much to change sanctuary in England. Even before the dissolution of the monasteries the question was entered upon, and the existing practices altered and revised. By an Act of 1529-30, abjurers, immediately after confession and before taking the oath, "were to be branded by the coroner with a hot iron upon the brawn of the thumb of the right hand with the sign of the letter...
Page 54 - Northampton who were on their way to the king came and took them vi et armis — by force of arms — from the church, to make them serve the king. The said John, son of Simon Robert, lived during the two following days and then died of his wounds."15 The king was not going to lose two soldiers just because they had happened to slay a constable in a quarrel. That the practice of using sanctuary men for 14 Ante, pp.
Page 50 - ... repousse heads, the eyes and eyebrows of which were originally filled with glass, a small portion of which still remains; ten small gold discs depend from the chins of the terminal heads and the plate between them. There is also a necklace of gold and carnelian beads, with pendants which consist alternately of glass paste and gold plate in the form of a hand grasping a woman's breast, from which hangs a small acorn formed of an olive-green stone in a gold cup (Fig.

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