Travels in Northern Greece, Τόμος 2


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Δημοφιλή αποσπάσματα

Σελίδα 78 - The church is seen to most advantage at a distance; as, on a nearer approach, it appears overloaded with ornaments. It is of fine stone, of the Corinthian order, in the form of a Greek cross, with a dome in the centre; but wants in all its decorations, both internal and external, the proportions and the simplicity of Palladio.
Σελίδα 261 - Justinian the bridge had been so much neglected, that there was only an occasional communication by wooden planks...
Σελίδα 85 - ... Peloponnesian wars. During the struggle between Sparta and Thebes the city suffered severely. It gradually lost its importance, became subject to Ptolemy, and finally fell into the hands of Demetrios Poliorketes, who played a prominent part in its later history. Previous to his time, the main portion of the city stood in the plain at the foot of the large plateau upon which the akropolis was located. Probably for the reason that the population . had become so reduced in numbers as to be inadequate...
Σελίδα 229 - It is plentifully provided with water,- and abounds in green pastures and fertile hills, and in gardens beyond any city in Greece. Two rivers flow through the town, and irrigate...
Σελίδα 141 - This was perhaps the river of St. George, which flows past the western side of Coronea. Plutarch calls the stream the Philarus, and tells us that it had a tributary called the Isomantus, which joined it near Coronea (Lysander, 29). Leake thought that the Isomantus might be the rivulet of Steveniko which joins that of St. George a little above the ancient site. See Leake, Northern Greece, 2. p.
Σελίδα 281 - ... deep. A second Katabothra is situated, at 12 min. distance, at the head of an inlet of the lake under a perpendicular cliff, lower than the first, not being above 20 feet high ; the size of the stream is also smaller.
Σελίδα 266 - Under the successors of Alexander, when. Greece became impoverished, the peculiar advantages of Chalcis gave it the superiority which Strabo remarked, and an increase of the same causes has ended in making Chalcis the only town of magnitude in Euboea.
Σελίδα 210 - though not fifty feet higher than the water," the " rocky point projecting into the marsh is remarkable from every part of the plain." Hoplites is " the rivulet under the western wall," and Cissusa, " the fountain below the cliffs.
Σελίδα 277 - Paralitnni, and then descend opposite the NE end of this lake, and, leaving it to the right, follow a rugged path along the last falls of the Messapian ridges. After passing a portion of the ancient road we emerge into a plain separated only by a small rise from the plain of Thebes, and in J hour find traces of an Hellenic town of remote antiquity.
Σελίδα 555 - The steps seem to show that the subterraneous supply of the spring was not always equal : in summer perhaps not reaching above the lowest steps ; but filling the basin in winter, when the channel at the back prevented the water from rising above the upper step. This channel, however, no longer serves its original purpose ; the Kastrites, who chiefly use the basin for washing clothes, having cut an opening through the upper steps, so that the depth of water in the basin can never be so great as it...

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