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User Review  - Esha Rajendran -

Several women have written reviews about the inappropriate sensuality in this book, saying that teens only wrote good reviews because their mothers must not have known what they are reading. Well, my ... Read full review

User Review  - Mrs. Ott -

I am so disappointed that parents do not read the reviews before allowing their teens to read this author! If you do read them you will notice that those who loved it were teenage girls who referred ... Read full review

User Review  - Chelsea -

As a sixteen year old, I was wondering if I should read this book because it is designed for older women. But it was very good! I enjoyed reading every chapter.. they left you off as cliff-hangers ... Read full review

User Review  - Pamela -

This has to be one of my favorite books ever. It kept me wanting for more until it ended and i still want more. I think the story line and plot was amazing. I think that the sexual parts in the book ... Read full review

User Review  - Beverly -

I bought this book for my 20-year old daughter, and decided to read it before giving it to her. I got about halfway through and I won't be finishing it - rare for me and books - and I won't be giving ... Read full review

User Review  - Stephanie -

I couldn't even finish this one. Not only was Drew's treatment of Constance appalling, but it's true--the men talk almost exclusively about sex. And yes, I know marriage = sex, but most men DO have more on the brain! Sorry, Deanne...we won't be visiting again anytime in the near future. Read full review

User Review  - Dolly -

I loved this book - I did not want it to end. The characters are real and don't live like robots who have no free will. Wonderful descriptions and vivid wording made me feel that I was right there with Constance. Excellent reading! Read full review

User Review  - Caroline -

What a fabulous, well-written book! I felt transported back in time to the beautiful forests of colonial Virgina. Everything was authentic: the clothes, the home and furnishings, the food and cooking ... Read full review

User Review  - Sherrill -

I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down. (I went to bed at 3 in the morning because I just had to finish it) The characters are real engaging and the novel is fresh and exciting. I would read any book by this author. Read full review

User Review  - faith -

For the sake of the book i will say, even as a 13 year old girl this book is fine. i don't think there was anything unnecessary about this book. it is much like redeeming love (by Francine Rivers great book) especially for a first novel i loved this book! well done Ms. Gist. Read full review

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