Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, Volume 7

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Kommissionsverlag F. Steiner, 1853 - Asia


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Page 633 - Do not practise lewdness, Nor any uncleanness ; Do not tell lies ; Do not kill and slay; Do not steal ; Do not covet; The great God Will strictly carry out his laws. Those who obey Heaven's commands Will enjoy celestial happiness ; Those who are grateful for divine favours Will receive divine support. Heaven blesses the good, And curses the bad ; Little children, Maintain correct conduct.
Page 270 - Copenhagen, this sixth day of December in the year of Onr Lord, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight. RB ANDERSON [SKAÏ.] OD RofíKNOKN LERN [SEAL] ECUADOR. Conrcntion for the adjuiiment of claimi. [Concluded November^, 1««2: ratification* exchanged at Quito. July 27, 18<M: proclaimed September«.
Page 628 - To return to his family. He commanded Aaron To go and meet Moses : When both addressed the king, And wrought divers miracles. The king hardened his heart, And would not let them go ; Wherefore God was angry, And sent lice and locusts. He also sent flies, Together with frogs, Which entered their palaces, And crept into their ovens. When the king still refused, The river was turned to blood ; And the water became bitter Throughout all Egypt.
Page 426 - Könige" in der Inschrift nicht näher bezeichnet zu sein scheinen, so kann doch kein Zweifel sein, dass hier Kleopatra III, die Wittwe Euergetes' II, und ihr Sohn Ptolemaeus XI Alexander I gemeint sind und die Inschrift vom 29.
Page 629 - But the great God, Out of pity to mankind, Sent His first-born Son To come down into the world. His name is Jesus, The Lord and Saviour of men, Who redeems them from sin, By the endurance of extreme misery. Upon the cross They nailed His body ; Where He shed His precious blood, To save all mankind. Three days after His death He rose from the dead : And during forty days He discoursed on heavenly things.
Page 258 - I. ; and Death and Character of Omar, Translated from the Turkish, by John P. Brown, Dragoman of the United States Legation at Constantinople. 10.
Page 271 - Of the real, and not merely apparent or illusory distinctness of God from all other spirits, and from matter ; and of the creation (in the proper sense) of all other spirits, and of matter, by God, in opposition to the Vedanta.
Page 433 - Uebrigens hat Lepsius das Unstichhaltige seines Standpunktes etwas später 9) selbst eingeräumt, indem er p. 222 schreibt : „Wenn nun die früher von mir vermuthungsweise und mit Vorbehalt aufgestellte Reihe der Epochenjahre wegfällt, so gehen freilich auch die...
Page 390 - Beretning om Fante- eller Landstrygerfolket i Norge. Bidrag til Kundskab om de laveste Samfundsforholde.
Page 267 - Quaestiones disputatae de anima" von Thomas von Aquino nach der hebräischen Uebersetzung des Ali ben Josef billo. Leipzig, 1853. 'n min JKIM JWKI »na B"jyn vyb. "WKPI mwi rhyx> tnmn ,113 rroio nwoitvi mon oy mv nny cet: uem

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