Angel Just-Rights

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Chipmunkapublishing, 2011 - Biography & Autobiography - 500 pages
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Angel Just-Rights tells of a plethora of mortifyingly unhealthy, demoralising, ritualistic and compelling behaviours that manifest deeply in a fragile life so touched by the world around her. This is an exclusive account, based on the remarkable and true story of Rebecca Parker (also known as Micci), the Protagonist and Author. Laugh Shout Cry, as we're finally invited to join this incredible quest for freedom.

Delving into issues relating to everyday living such as dealing with strict family values, loyalty and devotion, the author intermittently riddles with her reader in efforts to gain the yearned-for rationality and reassurance she so desperately seeks. During chaotic deciphering, Parker encounters incongruence in evaluations as, how can implicitly pure intentions - living life selflessly protecting those you love - precipitate such devastating results? Parker gradually learns how coping in silence can cruelly fester, hastening devastating consequences: severe eating disorders (Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia), post-traumatic stresses and flash-backs, self-harm and suicidal desires, problems with extreme over-exercise and increasing obsessions, rituals, distorted beliefs leading to incredibly debilitating episodes of low self-esteem, depression, hospitalisations, sectioning under the Mental Health Act and associated inequitable treatments enforced.

Triggers responsible for the evolution of the book - realisation into the debilitating extent at which broken down channels of communication, mixed with life experiences and ingrained individualistic personality traits, have been allowed in full strength and power to render one so weak - are explained by the author in her beginning Preface. The reader goes on to learn about the story of a child, whose voice is slowly lost to a world of secrets and confusion. The story swiftly unravels before the very eyes and ears of the reader. Perplexed at how her life is now, the author endeavours to perfect a sense of how it all went so terribly wrong and, defying all conceivable odds upon discharge from hospitals, this notoriously-resistant patient astonishes medical teams by managing to engender for herself a 'safety' within the four walls of an intense daily treatment programme she is required to attend. Parker adeptly juxtaposes this renewing trust - beginning in the routine world of 'Day Care' program - with the writing of her first volume of books. Conclusively, a powerful and surreal irony is brutally reinforced, thus bringing her first volume of books to a fulfilling and thought-provoking end.

Informative, entertaining, bitterly heart-rendering to the general reader, a silent sufferer's solace, captivating and enlightening to friends, families and health professionals alike, a mindful motivator for all. This book is extremely vivid, striking, and exceptionally astute; a wholly enchanting and satisfying read, leaving you aching endearingly for more.

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