The Greek anthology, Volume 4

Front Cover
W. Heinemann, 1918 - English poetry

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Page 349 - I, pressing the tender flesh to my breast, culled empty hopes. Still does the desire of the memory heat me, and in my eyes still abideth sleep that caught for me in the chase that winged phantom. O soul, ill-starred in love, cease at last even in dreams to be warmed all in vain by beauty's images.
Page 15 - Go and rest your limbs here for a little under the juniper, O wayfarers, by Hermes, Guardian of the Way, not in crowds, but those of you whose knees are tired with heavy toil and thirst, after traversing a long road ; for there a breeze and a shady seat and the fountain under the rock will lull your toil-wearied limbs ; and having so escaped the midday breath of the autumnal dogstar, pay his due honour to Hermes of the Ways.
Page 179 - ... lover of boys. It is a great marvel I have to tell you, but great goddesses are the Avengers. We discovered that Cratippus, the lover of boys, belongs now to another variety of those persons whose tastes lie in an inverse direction. Would I ever have expected this ? I expected it, Cratippus. Shall I go mad because, while you told everyone you were a wolf, you suddenly turned out to be a kid? 217. — BY THE SAME To avoid suspicion, Apollophanes married and walked as a bridegroom through the middle...
Page 61 - ZEUS the king, give us good things whether we pray for them or not, and keep evil things away from us even if we pray for them.
Page 411 - Going out in revel after supper, I, the wolf, found a lamb standing at the door, the son of my neighbour Aristodicus, and throwing my arms round him I kissed him to my heart's content, promising on my oath, many gifts.

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