Narrative and critical history of America

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1884 - History
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Page 19 - An Inquiry into the Authenticity of Documents concerning a Discovery in North America claimed to have been made by Verrazzano.
Page 343 - Yonnondio, our women had taken their clubs, our children and old men had carried their bows and arrows into the heart of your camp if our warriors had not disarmed them and kept them back, when your messenger, Ohguesse, came to our castles. It is...
Page 428 - A DESCRIPTION OF THE PROVINCE OF NEW ALBION. And a Direction for Adventurers with small stock to get two for one, and good land freely : And for Gentlemen, and all Servants, Labourers, and Artificers to live plentifully.
Page 410 - Society, the principal design of which should be to collect and preserve whatever may relate to the natural, civil or ecclesiastical History of the United States in general, and of this State in particular, and appointed Mr.
Page 435 - To the South, to the South, for the great and exceeding riches of the Equinoctial; they that seek gold must not go to the cold and frozen North.
Page 297 - With regard to the condition and character of the primitive inhabitants of North America, it is impossible to exaggerate their value as an authority. I should add, that the closest examination has left me no doubt that these missionaries wrote in perfect good faith, and that the Relations hold a high place as authentic and trustworthy historical documents.
Page 457 - ... article of the federal constitution of 1643 just as distinct if not as full provision made by the united colonies for the preservation of local laws and colony rights, as we have in the ninth and tenth articles of the present federal constitution for the preservation of local laws and state rights. At a meeting of the commissioners of the united colonies of New England, September, 1644, the commissioners of Massachusetts moved that Massachusetts should have the first place in naming the colonies,...
Page 212 - ... the Indians ; I had passed forty-two rapids; and was on the point of disembarking, full of joy at the success of so long and difficult an enterprise, when my canoe capsized, after all the danger seemed over. I lost two men and my box of papers, within sight of the first French settlements, which I had left almost two years before. Nothing remains to me but my life, and the ardent desire to employ it on any service which you may please to direct."2 1 Lettre de Frontenac au Ministre, Quebec, 14...
Page 180 - ... that a person can go from Lake Ontario and Fort Frontenac in a bark to the Gulf of Mexico, there being only one carrying place, half a league in length, where Lake Ontario communicates with Lake Erie. A settlement could be made at this post, and another bark built on Lake Erie. . . . He has been within ten days...