History of Italy During the Consulate and Empire of Napoleon Buonaparte, Volume 2

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Baldwin and Cradock, 1828 - Italy
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Page 20 - ... the unjust. To these we must add acts of heroism, of invincible courage, of perfect friendship even in misfortune, civic moderation even in want, the gentlest thoughts of happy humanity, the purest desires for the common good ; now a kingdom agitated by conspiracies, now a republic contaminated by rapine, now a kingdom full of cruelty, and now the theatre of rapine also ; Ferdinand twice driven away, again restored ; a republic the slave of France, a monarchy the slave of England ; a republic...
Page iii - Italy, during the Consulate and Empire of Napoleon Buonaparte ; translated from the Italian by the Author of "The Life of Joanna, Queen of Naples.
Page 39 - ... destruction of the wolf, to avenge the slaughter of the lamb. The lamb was the type of Jesus Christ, and kings, whom they denominated tyrants, of the wolf. In their peculiar parlance, they were lambs, and the monarch they lived under a wolf. They were in the habit of declaring, that Jesus Christ had been the most exalted victim of tyranny, and to avenge him they swore to slay all tyrants. •" Thus then, as the freemasons engage to avenge their Hiram, the Carbonari profess to avenge the death...
Page 411 - We aek you not to come over to us ; our voices exhort you only to assert your rights, to re-establish your liberties. We will applaud you afar off; we will join you when summoned ; and, if you add your force to ours, Italy may, perhaps, be restored to her ancient destiny ; and perhaps the same fame may be won by her which has been won by Spain.
Page 131 - German and the Italian Tyrol the afflicted populace ran in crowds wherever Hofer passed in bonds, raising their eyes to heaven in grief, weeping, lamenting, and pouring forth benedictions on their beloved and ill-fated chief. It was at Mantua that the balls of the soldiers pierced the patriotic bosom of Andrew Hofer, who in his hist moments showed himself not only intrepid but tranquil.
Page 174 - Popes mixed politics, as it is said, with these religious enterprises, it remains to be proved, whether Russia and England have been entirely free from this imputation.
Page 20 - ... individuals in poverty, the ornaments of the city lost, the minds of men divided, and all things inciting to revenge. In coming to speak of Naples, I know not how to furnish myself with adequate expressions; for the people are like the climate. On the one side an extreme of benevolence that borders on ideal virtue, on the other an extreme of hatred that borders on ferocity ; conspiracies, civil war, foreign wars, conflagrations, devastation, treachery, executions of the virtuous, and of the infamous...
Page 410 - Rise ! Italians rise ! — Behold us here to aid you. — Behold us here in order to remove from your necks the iron yoke of Bonaparte. Portugal, Spain, Sicily, Holland, will declare to you the greatness of England's generosity, the purity of her disinterested zeal. Spain has been freed by her own valour, and. by our aid ; both have united in completing a work the noblest amongst the noble.
Page 8 - Algarves should be given to the Prince of Peace, with the title of Prince of Algarve ; and that Beira, Tras os Montes, and Portuguese Estremadura, should be held in sequestration till a general peace.
Page 411 - England's generosity, the purity of her disinterested zeal. Spain has been freed by her own valour, and. by our aid ; both have united in completing a work the noblest amongst the noble. The French being driven forth from her happy fields, liberty and independence have there fixed their seat. Under the shadow of England has Sicily been screened from the common misfortunes : through the benevolence of a virtuous prince she has passed from servitude to liberty, and now demonstrates the glory and felicity...

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