Second Latin Book: Being the First Part of Jacobs' and Döring's "Elementarbuch," Or Latin Reader, with an Enlarged and Critical Vocabulary, and Notes Adapted to the Author's Latin Grammar

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Thomas, Cowperthwait & Company, 1845 - Latin language - 299 pages
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Page 70 - Post plures pugnas et pacem plus" semel frustra tentatam, pugna ad Zamam committitur, in qua peritissimi duces copias suas ad bellum educebant. Scipio victor recedit ; Hannibal cum paucis equitibus evadit. Post hoc proelium pax cum Carthaginiensibus facta est. Scipio, quum Romam rediisset, ingenti gloria triumphavit, atque Africanus appellatus est. Sic finem accepit secundum Punicum bellum post' annum undevicesimum quam coeperat.
Page 275 - Socrates, that he was the first who called down philosophy from heaven to earth, and introduced her into the public walks and domestic retirements of men, that she might instruct them concerning life and manners.
Page vii - like ours, where so many words are derived from other languages, there are few modes of instruction more useful or more amusing than that of accustoming young people to seek for the etymology or primary meaning of the words they use. There are cases in which more knowledge of more value may be conveyed by the history of a word than by the history of a campaign.
Page 275 - Whilst I live I will never disguise the truth, nor speak otherwise than my duty requires.
Page 197 - Homo, mis, c. (humus,) a man; a person; one. Honestas, atis, f. honor; virtue; dignity; from Honestus, a, um, adj. honorable; noble; from Honor & -os, oris, m. honor; respect; an honor: an office.
Page 54 - IJIa petiit, ut sibi darent, quod in sinistris manibus gererent,b annulos aureos et armillas significans. At hostes in arcem ab ea perducti scutis Tarpeiam obruerunt; nam et ea in sinistris manibus gerebant. 11. Tum Romulus cum hoste, qui montem Tarpeium tenebat, pugnam conseruit in eo loco, ubi nunc forum Romanum est. In media...
Page 285 - The word testudo or shell is used for a musical instrument in poetry, the first lyre being said to have been made by straining strings over the shell of a tortoise. Less than a god they thought there could not dwell Within the hollow of that shell, That spoke so sweetly.
Page 75 - Sulla cum' alia egregie gessit, tum Cluentium, hostium ducem, cum magnis copiis,d fudit. Per quadriennium cum gravi utriusque partis calamitate hoc bellum tractum est. Quinto demum anno L. Cornelius Sulla ei imposuit finem. Romani tamen, id' quod prius negaverant, jus civitatis, bello finito, sociis tribuerunt.
Page 232 - Nudus, a, um, adj . naked; bare. Nullus, a, um, gen. ius, adj. (non ullus,) no; no one. Num, interrog. adv. in indirect questions, whether ? in direct questions, commonly omittea.
Page 64 - Romanis pacem habere non posse, nisi ex Italia recessisset. Cineas quum rediisset, Pyrrho eum interroganti, qualis ipsi Roma visa esset ; respondit, se regum patriam vidisse.

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