National arithmetic, adapted to the standards of the revised code. Adapted to the standards of the new code, 1871. 6 pt. [and] Key

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Page 4 - In the New Code of Regulations issued by the Council of Education it is stated "that in all schools children in Standards V. and VI. should, know the principles of the Metric System, and be able to explain tht advantages to be gained from uniformity in the method of forming multiples and sub-multiples of the unit.
Page 28 - weights and measures " taught in schools should be only such as are really useful ; such as Avoirdupois Weight, Long Measure, Liquid Measure, Time Table. Square and Cubical Measures, and any measure which is connected with the industrial occupations of the district.
Page 28 - Arithmetic. — Simple addition and subtraction of numbers of not more than four figures, and the multiplication table, to six times twelve.
Page 4 - weights and measures " taught in public elementary schools should be only such as are really useful : — such as avoirdupois weight, long measure, liquid measure, time table, square and cubical measures, and any measure which is connected with the industrial occupations i if the district.
Page 23 - ... areas respectively by the volume s A, which is represented by O L. Those mean pressures, however, can be found by a direct process, without first measuring the areas, viz. : — having multiplied each ordinate, or breadth, of the area under consideration by the proper multiplier, divide the sum of the products by the sum of the multipliers, which process, when the common trapezoidal rule is used, takes the following form : add together the halves of the endmost ordinates, and the whole of the...
Page 24 - C.) is the unit. 10 milligrammes 10 centigrammes 10 decigrammes 10 grammes . 10 decagrammes 10 hectogrammes 10 kilogrammes 10 myriagrammes 10 quintals 1 centigramme 1 decigramme 1 gramme 1 decagramme 1 hectogramme 1 kilogramme 1 myriagramme 1 quintal 1 millier or bar MEASURES OF LENGTH.
Page 12 - A bankrupt's effects yield 14s. 6d. in the , what will a creditor get to whom he owes 209 11s. 8d.
Page 54 - A grocer uses instead of a lib weight one that only weighs 1575oz. : what does he gain per cent, by his dishonesty? * (3) How many eggs must be sold at 15d. a dozen to produce the same as 105 sold at 9 for a shilling ?
Page 54 - How many square feet of paper will be required to cover the walls of a room that is 16 ft.
Page 54 - J quarters feed for 32 days. (29) Find (by practice) the value of 30,753 articles at .3 13s. 6d. per dozen. (30) In what time will 625 amount to 828 18s. l^d. at 4J per cent.

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