Hoosier Mosaics

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E. J. Hale & Son, 1875 - American literature - 196 pages
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Page 2 - ASTOR, LENOX AND TILDEN FOUNDATIONS R 1927 L Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1875, by EJ HALE & SON, In the offlce of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.
Page 9 - ... of the Union Hotel, and his skin had the color of one who knew. Notwithstanding what I have said, Colfax, in summer, is not wholly without attractions of a certain kind. It has some yellow dogs and some brindle ones; it has some cattle and some swine; it has some swallows and some spotted pigeons; it has cool, fresh smelling winds, and, after the water has sufficiently dried out, the woods are really glorious with wild roses, violets, turkey-pea blossoms, and wild pinks. But to my story. I was...
Page 27 - ere brick, d'ye say? Who but that little baby-faced, hawk-eyed cuss 'at got off here yesterday! He's a thief and a dog!— he's chowzed me out'n my last cent! Where is he?— I'll kill 'im yet! where is he?" "Gone off on the train," I replied, "but who is he? what's his name?" "Blamed if I know. Gone, you say? Got every derned red o' my money! Every derned red!" "Don't you know anything at all about him?" I asked. "Yes." "What?" "I know 'at he's the derndest, alfiredest, snatchin'est, best pokerplayer...
Page 7 - ... fellow Hoosier, the late Vice-President of the United States. O no, I didn't go to the Hon. Schuyler Colfax at all ; but I went to Colfax, simply, which is a little dingy town, in Clinton County, that was formerly called Midway, because it is half way between Lafayette and Indianapolis. It was and is a place of some three hundred inhabitants, eking out an aguish subsistence, maintaining a swampy, malarious aspect, keeping up a bilious, nay, an atra-bilious color, the year round, by sucking like...
Page 20 - He reported Berry Young still alive, but not able to live till midnight. I noticed that the doctor was nervous and kept his eyes fixed on Sheehan's saloon. "Stranger," said he, leaning over close to me, and speaking in a low, guarded way, "things is workin' dasted curious 'bout now— sure's gun's iron they jist is!" "Where— how— in what way, doctor?
Page 16 - George, and said she wasn't no gal at all, but jist a terrible onery boy 'at had been stealin' an' counterfeitin' an' robbin'all round everywhere. What d'ye think of that ?" " A remarkably strange affair, certainly," I replied ; " and do you say that the father and the girl have not since been heard from?" "Never a breath. The thing got into all the newspapers and raised a awful rumpus, and it turned out that it wasn't no sheriff 'at come there; but some dark, mysterious kidnappin' transaction 'at...
Page 15 - em 'd git out in the swamps and have a awful fight on her 'count ; but she 'peared to pay precious little 'tention to any of 'em till finally Berry Young stepped in and jist went for 'er like mad, and she took to 'm. Berry was r'ally the nicest and intelligentest young man in all this country. He writ poetry for the papers, sir — snatclmi' good poetry, too— and had got to be talked of a right smart for his larnin', an
Page 18 - Certainly no name sounds sweeter! How is it that these gifted, mysteriously beautiful persons always have musical names! "Ah," said the landlord, "you'd ort to have seen that boy!" "Boy!" I echoed. "Well, gal or boy, one or t'other, the wonderfulest human bein' I ever see in all the days o
Page 13 - I was cogitatin' over this matter o' Berry Young's. Never have been able to 'count for that, no how. Think about it more an' more every day. What's your theory of it?" "Can't say, never having heard any thing of it," I replied. "Well, I do say! Thought everybody had hearn of that, any how! It's a rale romance, a reg'lar mystery, sir. It's been talked about, and writ about in the papers so much 'at I s'pose 'at it was knowed of far and wide.
Page 20 - I sat there till the dinner hour, watching the soft pink and white vapors that rolled round the verge of the horizon. I was thoroughly saturated with romance. Strange, that here, in this dingy little out-of-the-way village, should have transpired one of the most wonderful mysteries history may ever hold ! At dinner the landlord talked volubly of the Afton afl'air, giving it as. his opinion that the Aftons were persons tinged with negro blood, and had been kidnapped into slavery. " They was jist as...

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