The Geographical Journal, Volume 28

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Royal Geographical Society., 1906 - Electronic journals
Includes the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, formerly published separately.

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Page 625 - Atlas of the World's commerce. A new series of maps with descriptive text and diagrams showing products, imports, exports, commercial conditions and economic statistics of the countries of the world.
Page 405 - In the great period of numismatic furore for ancient coins, which was at its height from the middle of the seventeenth to the middle of the eighteenth century...
Page iv - ... admission fee, and 2 as his first annual subscription, or he may compound, " either at his entrance by one payment of 35. or at any subsequent period on the " following basis : — Fellows of 20 years
Page 385 - ... present known, whereby the southwest side of the rift was raised relatively to the northeast side, so as to present a low scarp facing the northeast. This vertical movement diminishes to the southeast along the rift line and in San Mateo County is scarcely if at all observable. Still farther south there are suggestions that this movement may have been in the reverse direction, but this needs further field study.
Page 388 - Ruwenzori mountains, probably much exceeds that of tho basin of the Victoria lake. Observations are naturally very scanty, however, and we cannot quite be satisfied with the explanations given by Captain Lyons for this remarkable difference. We may be sure that the last word has not yet been said as to the variations in the discharge of the Nile and its many branches. The water-surface of the Victoria lake stands at a level of about 3700 feet, and that of the Albert at about 2300 feet, above the...
Page iv - Candidates for admission into the Society must be proposed and seconded by Fellows, and it is necessary that the description and residence of such Candidates should be clearly stated on their Certificates. It is provided by Chapter...
Page 681 - Stanford's London Atlas of Universal Geography, exhibiting the Physical and Political Divisions of the various Countries of the World.
Page 321 - Archipelagoes," by J. Stanley Gardiner, pp. 12-,r>0, 146-183,313-316,376-423: 1902-3. It is not to be inferred that Prof. Agassiz agrees with us in our conclusions from these facts. 1 ! is results in the Fiji islands, with which we largely agree, well exemplify the important part played by marine erosion on islands with broad tracts of ocean on either side, not restricted by any masses of continental land, " the submarine platforms upon which the barrier reefs...
Page 384 - ... other features of the mountains are, to atmospheric and stream erosion of the uplifted mass which constitutes the mountains, but have been formed by a dislocation of the earth's crust, or rather a series of such dislocations, in time past, with a differential movement of the parts on either side of the plane of rupture. In general this line follows a system of long narrow valleys, or where it passes through wide valleys it lies close to the base of the confining hills, and these have a very straight...
Page 502 - Rept. on a Botanical Mission through the Forest Districts of Buddu, and the Western and Nile Provinces of the Uganda Protectorate...

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