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Flawless Consulting is a valuable read for not only consultants, but anyone who has to influence authority in their organization (hint: that's pretty much everybody in ITSM and/or BPM).
identifies three goals for every consulting engagement
- Establish a collaborative relationship to maximize the use of resources and model how to effectively solve problems
- Solve problems so they stay solved by building the ability of the client to address root causes
- Ensure attention is given to both the problem to be solved and the relationships between members of the organization
He calls out two essential elements of effective consulting: being authentic and doing the right work at the right time. This gives us the best chance of building the client commitment needed to truly solve problems.
The book contains a lot of great advice and vivid examples of it in use. It also includes several handy checklists for each stage of the recommended 12 step process. It is a bit pricey compared to most books. I ended up buying it anyway because having access to the checklist and the details is well worth it.

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