The Leather Manufacturer, Volume 28

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Shoe Trades Publishing Company, 1917 - Leather industry and trade
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Page 268 - Whenever during the present war the President shall find that the public safety so requires and shall make proclamation thereof it shall be unlawful to import into the United States from any country named in such proclamation any article or articles mentioned in such proclamation except at such time or times, and under such regulations or orders, and subject to such limitations and exceptions as the President shall prescribe...
Page 109 - ... we are sending hundreds of thousands of our young men across the seas to serve a great cause, no true man who stays behind to work for them and sustain them by his labor will ask himself what he is personally going to make out of that labor. No true patriot will permit himself to take toll of their heroism in money or seek to grow rich by the shedding of their blood.
Page 270 - Industry published by the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce of the Department of Commerce. The report, issued in 1917, gives data for an earlier period, the fiscal year 1913-14.
Page 109 - Dp they mean that you will exact a price, drive a bargain with the men who are enduring the agony of this war on the battlefield, in the trenches, amidst the lurking dangers of the sea, or with the bereaved women and pitiful children, before you will come forward to do your duty and give some part of your life, in easy peaceful fashion, for the things we are fighting for, the things we have pledged our fortunes, our lives, our sacred honor, to vindicate and defend — liberty and justice and fair...
Page 109 - ... that nothing but pecuniary rewards will do it — rewards paid in money, not in the mere liberation of the world. I take it for granted that those who argue thus do not stop to think what that means. Do they mean that you must be paid, must be bribed, to make your contribution, a contribution that costs you neither a drop of blood nor a tear, when the whole world is in travail and men everywhere depend upon and call to you to bring them out of bondage and make the world a fit place to live in...
Page 57 - ... while selling the products of American workmen and American enterprise abroad, and in competition with other nations, in the markets of the world, may be free to utilize all the advantages of cooperative, action in coping with combinations of foreign rivals, united to resist American competition, and combinations of foreign buyers equipped to depress the prices of American goods.
Page 61 - A list of these importers may be obtained from the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce or its district and cooperative offices by referring to file FE-19027. Samples of so-called
Page ii - ... far behind. The usual and most successful mode of hunting the chamois is, therefore, for a party of hunters to unite, and surround some mountain glen which they are previously known to frequent for the purpose of lying on the fresh snow during the daytime ; toward this point the hunters advance simultaneously, when the animals, of course scenting those which come down the wind, retire in an opposite direction, and are intercepted by another portion of the company.
Page ii - They go five months with young, and kid in March or April, producing one or very rarely two at a birth, which they suckle till the October following. The young are at first of a uniform deep yellowish-brown, with the lower jaw, sides of the head and throat, white ; and the same dark bands through the eyes as in the adults only not extending so far back on the head. The Chamois (Kiipicajiya Trafftu).
Page 109 - When they are giving their lives will he not give at least his money? " I hear it insisted that more than a just price, more than a price that will sustain our industries, must be paid; that it is necessary to pay very liberal and unusual profits in order to ' stimulate production ' ; that nothing but pecuniary rewards will do — rewards paid in money, not in the mere liberation of the world.

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