Gesetzblatt für das Land Österreich

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1850 - Law
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Page 846 - Agents are authorized to require the assistance of the local authorities, for the search, arrest, and imprisonment of the deserters from the ships of war and merchant vessels of their country. For this purpose they shall apply to the competent tribunals, judges and officers, and shall in writing demand...
Page 855 - ... and may take possession thereof, either by themselves, or by others acting for them, and dispose of the same, at...
Page 855 - ... acting for them, and dispose of the same at their pleasure, paying such duties only as the inhabitants of the country, where the said property lies, shall be liable to pay in like cases.
Page 855 - ... the citizens or subjects of the country from which such proceeds may be drawn. The citizens or subjects of each of the Contracting Parties shall have full power to dispose of their personal property within the territories of the other, by testament, donation, or otherwise; and their heirs, legatees, and donees, being citizens or subjects...
Page 845 - In case of the absence of the heirs, the same care shall be taken provisionally of such real or personal property as would be taken in a like case of property belonging to the natives of the country, until the lawful owner or the person who has a right to sell the same, according to Article II., may take measures to receive or dispose of the inheritance.
Page 855 - The citizens or subjects of each of the contracting parties shall have power to dispose of their personal goods within the jurisdiction of the other, by sale, donation, testament or otherwise...
Page 847 - ... from the day of their arrest, they shall be set at liberty, and shall not be again arrested for the same cause. However, if the...
Page 847 - ... to the other, its intention to arrest the operation of said treaty, it shall remain binding for one year beyond that time, and so on, until the expiration of the twelve months which will follow a similar notification, whatever the time at which it may take place.
Page 846 - ... in such differences as may arise between the captains and crews of the vessels belonging to the nation whose interests are committed to their charge, without the interference of the local authorities, unless the conduct of the crews or of the captain should disturb the order or tranquillity of the country, or the said Consuls, Vice-Consuls, or Commercial Agents should require their assistance to cause their decisions to be carried into effect or supported.
Page 846 - For this purpose they shall apply to the competent tribunals, judges, and officers, and shall in writing demand said deserters, proving, by the exhibition of the registers of the vessels, the rolls of the crews, or by other official documents, that such individuals formed part of the crews ; and this reclamation being thus substantiated, the surrender shall not be refused.

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