Sir Tristrem: A Metrical Romance of the Thirteenth Century

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Archibald Constable ; Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Browne, 1819 - Civilization, Medieval - 401 pages

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Page 369 - And thou wert the courteousest knight that ever bare shield; and thou wert the truest friend to thy lover that ever bestrode horse; and thou wert the truest lover, of a sinful man, that ever loved woman; and thou wert the kindest man that ever struck with sword.
Page 369 - Christian knights ; and now I dare say,' said Sir Ector, ' thou Sir Launcelot, there thou liest, that thou wert never matched of earthly knight's hand ; and thou wert the courtiest knight that ever bare shield ; and thou wert the truest friend to thy lover that ever bestrode horse ; and thou wert the truest lover of a sinful man that ever loved woman ; and thou wert the...
Page 272 - Cast on the wildest of the Cyclad Isles, Where never human foot had mark'd the shore, These ruffians left me — Yet believe me, Areas, Such is the rooted love we bear mankind, All ruffians as they were, I never heard A sound so dismal as their parting oars.
Page 274 - In his right hand he held a trembling dart, Whose fellow he before had sent apart ; And in his left he held a sharpe bore-speare, With which he wont to launch the salvage hart Of many a lyon and of many a beare, That first unto his hand in chase did happen neare.
Page 259 - To read and rock to sleep our ancient sires ? No man his threshold better knows, than I Brute's first arrival and first victory, Saint George's sorrel and his cross of blood, Arthur's round board and Caledonian wood.
Page 338 - This is good stuffe, for wise men to laughe at, or honest men to take pleasure at. Yet I know, when Gods Bible was banished the Court, and Morte Arthure receiued into the Princes chamber.
Page 9 - I WAS at [Erceldoune :] With Tomas spak Y thare ; Ther herd Y rede in roune, Who Tristrem gat and bare. Who was King with croun ; And who him forsterd yare ; And who was bold baroun, As thair elders ware, Bi yere : — Tomas tells in town, This auentours as thai ware.
Page lxiv - I made noght for no disours, Ne for no seggours, no harpours. Bot for the luf of symple men That strange Inglis cannot ken For many it ere that strange Inglis, In ryme wate never what it is ; And bot thai wist what it mente, Ellis methought it were all schente.
Page 271 - But the most splendid game of chess, and which puts to shame even that which the late King of Prussia and Marshal Keith were wont to play, with real soldiers, occurs in the romance of Sir Gaheret. That champion was entertained in the enchanted castle of a beautiful fairy, who engaged him in a party at chess in a large hall, where flags of black and white marble formed the chequer, and the pieces, consisting of massive statues of gold and silver, moved at the touch of the magic rod held by the player....

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