The Official Baronage of England: Showing the Succession, Dignities, and Offices of Every Peer from 1066 to 1885, with Sixteen Hundred Illustrations, Volume 3

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Longmans, Green, 1886 - England
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1886 / - / 169
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Page 660 - Thomas Earl of Wharton, Lord- Lieutenant of Ireland, by the force of a wonderful constitution, has some years passed his grand climacteric, without any visible effects of old age, either on his body or his mind, and in spite of a continual prostitution to those vices which usually wear out both. His behaviour is in all the forms of a young man at fiveand-twenty. Whether he walks, or whistles, or swears, or talks bawdy, or calls names, he acquits himself in each, beyond a templar of three years
Page 25 - The former being a young man, scarce of age at the entrance of King James, had the good fortune, by the comeliness of his person, his skill, and indefatigable industry in hunting, to be the first who drew the King's eyes towards him with affection ; which was quickly so far improved, that he had the reputation of a favourite.
Page 295 - For he sat upon the bench in an ash-coloured gown, silver-laced, and fullribboned pantaloons, displayed without any black at all in his garb, unless it were his hat, which, now I cannot say positively, though though I saw him, was so.
Page 277 - ... it must, at the same time, be allowed to have informed it ; for the most secret movements of his soul were, without disguise, communicated to me only. However, I will rather lower than heighten the colouring ; I will mark the shades, and draw a credible rather than an exact likeness. He had a very good person, rather above the middle size ; a handsome face, and, when he was cheerful, the most engaging countenance imaginable ; when grave, which he was oftenest, the most respectable one.
Page 335 - His great humanity appeared in the minutest circumstances of his conversation. You found it in the benevolence of his aspect, the complacency of his behaviour, and the tone of his voice. His great application to the severer studies of the law, had not infected his temper with any thing positive or litigious.
Page 410 - In his person he was of a tall stature, but stooped much in the neck. His countenance was cloudy, whilst he moved, or sat thinking; but when he spake, either seriously or facetiously, he had a lightsom and a very pleasant ayre: and indeed whatever he then did, he performed very gracefully.
Page 40 - A skeleton in outward figure ; His meagre corpse, though full of vigour, Would halt behind him, were it bigger. So wonderful his expedition, When you have not the least suspicion, He's with you like an apparition.
Page 754 - Tall, with immense embonpoint, and not proportionately strong legs ; he holds himself in such a way that one is always afraid he will tumble over backwards ; very bald, and not a very intelligent face : one can see that eating, drinking, and sensual pleasure, are everything to him.
Page 246 - Treasurer, all which were the steps of his father's greatness, and of the honour he left to his house. For his person, he was not much beholden to nature, though somewhat for his face, which was the best part of his outside...
Page 206 - He had a delicate, lively hazel eie ; Dr. Harvey told me it was like the eie of a viper.

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