Historical and ecclesiastical sketches of Bengal ... until ... 1757

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Page 208 - ... the said Armenians shall not only enjoy the free use and exercise of their religion, but there shall also be allotted to them a parcel of ground to erect a church thereon for worship and service of God in their own way. And that we also will, at our own charge, cause a convenient church to be built of timber, which afterwards the said Armenians may alter and build with stone or other solid materials to their own good liking. And the said Governor and Company will also allow fifty pounds per annum,...
Page 138 - A rticle, that I may not have the least cause of complaint : otherwise, remember, you must answer for the consequences : and as I have always acted the open, unreserved part in all my dealings with you, I now acquaint you that the remainder of the troops, which should have been here long since (and which I hear the Colonel told you he expected) will be at Calcutta in a few days ; that in a few days more I shall dispatch a vessel for more ships and more troops ; and that I will kindle such a flame...
Page 104 - ... on this Appearance ; the fire advanced with rapidity on both sides ; and it was the prevailing opinion, that they intended suffocating us between the two fires : and this notion was confirmed by the appearance, about half an hour past seven, of some officers and people with lighted torches in their hands, who went into all the apartments under the easterly curtain to the right of us ; to which we apprehended they were setting fire, to expedite their scheme of burning us. On this we presently...
Page 163 - ... presents ; when they are not exacted from him by compulsion ; when he is in a state of independence, and can do with his money what he pleases ; and when they are not received to the disadvantage of the Company, he holds presents so received not dishonourable : but when they are received from a dependent prince, when they are received for no services whatever, and when they are received not voluntarily, he holds the receipt of such presents dishonourable. He never made the least secret of the...
Page 147 - ! have written before, and now repeat, that if the English Company want to establish their trade, do not write me what is not conformable to our agreement, by the instigation of selfinterested and designing men, who want to break the peace between us. If you are not disposed to come to a rupture with me, you have my agreement under my hand and seal ; when j ou write, look upon that, and write accordingly.
Page 137 - French, but invited them to enter into a treaty of neutrality and to send people here to settle the terms ; but judge what must have been my surprize, when after they were in some manner settled, the French deputies owned that they had no power to secure to us the observance of the treaty, in case any commander of theirs should come with a great power after my departure! You are too reasonable not to see, that it is impossible for me to conclude a treaty with people who have no power to do it ; and...
Page 198 - Dupleix once dictated to admiring Frenchmen ; and where in distant idea he first, meditated the extirpation of the English and the aggran.dizement of his nation. The fine Church of St. Louis stood at a small distance from the Fort ; the foundation remains, which proves it to have -been a massy building, and calculated for military as well as divine service. Mr.
Page 198 - Mr. 1res informs us, there was a battery of four pieces of cannon on the top of this Church. The whole aisle is vaulted underneath, and a central entrance appears, which was covered with a flag of marble that occasionally lifted up, and doubtless' was 'designed by the .architect as a repository for the dead.

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