First Greek grammar

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Page 39 - Demonstrative (сотр. the Dialects). § 214. The Interrogative Pronoun has the same Stem as the Indefinite Pronoun, from which it is distin§213.
Page 92 - Plural пдш-кн, and this longer form you will find in Attic poetry, and occasionally in elevated prose. The Genitive Plural was formed by adding -шv to the stem, as ripa-шv, which became by contraction TtpiSv.
Page 126 - The Imperfect is formed from the Present Stem by prefixing the augment and adding the personal endings.
Page 26 - Some adjectives follow the Third Declension in the Mase, and Neut. and form a Fern, in the suffix -itt, which combines with the stem in various ways.

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