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I finished this book almost 12 hours ago and it still has me reeling. The Whisper Man might be my creepiest read of the summer. A copycat child serial killer is on the loose. When trying to question the original Whisper Man, he speaks in code. A haunted boy hears whispers in the night after a new child has been abducted. His father, still recovering from his young wife’s death, finds it hard to reach his son. A detective is haunted by the Whisper Man’s last kill, a boy who’s remains have been missing for 20 years. I’m a self proclaimed scream queen and I’ll tell you, I had trouble reading this book in bed in the dark. The impending doom doesn’t leave you until the very last words. Lock your doors, pull the shades, and ignore any whispers you hear at night.  

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The Whisper Man is a creepy, edge of your seat read. Tom and Jake are both going through a hard time trying to deal with their grief. Tom is an author who is struggling to write. He’s also struggling to connect with his son who has started talking to people who are not really there, or are they?
Jake is a young boy who feels like a loner. He has no friends except the little girl that no-one else seems to be able to see, but Jake is adamant she is real. She tells him things that Jake alone wouldn’t know. However, she isn’t the only person Jake starts to see. He sees a little boy too and also hears a man whispering to him.
DI Pete Willis is a man that has never gotten over the case of Frank Carter. He puts pressure on himself after he failed to find the body of the last boy murdered by Frank and visits Frank in prison hoping that one day he would slip up and tell him something that would help find Tony. Now the nightmare is starting all over again with another abduction of a little boy.
The book is told in the third person and from the POV of Tom, Pete, Jake and at times the new killer too. This is a book that will play with your mind. Can you imagine someone whispering to your children of a night-time, telling them to do things? Someone shimming up the drainpipe and talking to them directly outside their window? Well, that’s what the Whisper Man does.
There are also some supernatural elements to the story too, including the little girl who may or may not be real but she certainly knows things and sees things and tells them to Jake, she also helps him too. Couple this with the fact that the family has moved into a house the villagers call ‘The Scary House’ and you just might find it difficult to sleep after reading this book.
If you love thrillers then this is one to definitely pick up. It is written in six parts which are all compelling, impressive and will make you feel out of breath as you race through them. Don’t delay, grab a copy today.

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