The Complete Works of Thomas Nashe: Memorial-introduction. I. Biographical. Anatomie of absurditie, 1589. Martin-Mar-prelate tractates, 1589

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private circulation only, 1884
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Page xxviii - Hospitalls whatsoeuer, that no Colledge in the Towne, was able to compare with the tythe of her Students ; hauing (as I haue hearde graue men of credite report) more candles light in it, euerie Winter Morning before fowre of the clocke, than the fowre of clocke bell gaue stroakes...
Page viii - There's no dearth of kindness In this world of ours, Only in our blindness We gather thorns for flowers.
Page 205 - Printed where I was, and where I will bee readie by the helpe of God and my muse, to send you the May-game of Martinisme for an intermedium betweene the first and seconde part of the Apologie.
Page 139 - Contayning the cause of his death, the manner of his buriall, and the right copies both of his Will, and of such Epitaphs, as by sundrie his dearest friends, and other of his well willers, were framed for him.
Page xxvi - The sea exhaled by droppes will in continuance be drie, and Seneca let bloud line by line and page by page, at length must needes die to our stage...
Page lviii - Pd this 23 of Aguste 1597 to Harey Porter to' carye to T. Nashe now at this tyme in the fflete for wrytinge of the eylle of Dogges ten shellinges to bee paide agen to me when he canne...
Page 43 - ... learning, not their lust : yet euen as the Bee out of the bitterest flowers and sharpest thistles gathers honey, so out of the filthiest Fables may profitable knowledge be sucked and selected.
Page lvi - Not basely feare-blasted or constraintiuely ouer-ruled, but purely pacifycatorie suppliant, for reconciliation and pardon doe I sue to the principallest of them, gainst whom I profest vtter enmity. Euen of Maister Doctor...
Page xxvii - Sufficeth them to bodge vp a blanke verse with ifs and ands, and other while for recreation after their candle stuffe, hauing starched their beardes most curiouslie, to make a peripateticall path into the inner parts of the Citie, and spend two or three howers in turning ouer French Doudie, where they attract more infection in one minute, than they can do eloquence all dayes of their life, by conuersing with anie Authors of like argument.
Page xx - I impute not so much to the perfection of arts, as to the seruile imitation of vainglorious tragoedians, who contend not so seriouslie to excell in action, as to embowell the clowdes in a speach of comparison ; thinking themselues more than initiated in poets immortalitie, if they but once get Boreas by the beard, and the heauenlie bull by the deaw-lap.

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