Tales of the East: comprising the most popular romances of Oriental origin, and the best imitations by European authors. To which is prefixed an introductory dissertation by H. Weber, Volume 1

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Page 357 - Aladdin's mother prostrated herself a second time before the sultan's throne, and retired. In her way home, she laughed within herself at her son's foolish imagination.
Page 404 - Morgiana carried the lozenges home with her, and the next morning went to the same apothecary's again, and with tears in her eyes, asked for an essence which they used to give to sick people only when at the last extremity. Alas ! said she, taking it from the apothecary, I am afraid that this remedy will have no better effect than the lozenges ; and -that I shall lose my good master.
Page 70 - By this time the sun was about to set, and all of a sudden the sky became as dark as if it had been covered with a thick cloud. I was much astonished at this sudden darkness, but much more when I found it occasioned by a bird of a monstrous size that came flying toward me.
Page 14 - He set it before him, and while he looked upon it attentively, there came out a very thick smoke, which obliged him to retire two or three paces from it. The smoke ascended to the clouds, and extending itself along the sea and upon the shore, formed a great mist, which we may well imagine did mightily astonish the fisherman. When the smoke was all out of the vessel, it reunited itself, and became a solid body, of which there was formed a genie twice as high as the greatest of giants.
Page 9 - There he found, at the foot of a great walnuttree, a fountain of a very clear running water, and alighting, tied his horse to a branch of a tree, and sitting down by the fountain, took some biscuits and dates out of his portmanteau, and, as he ate his dates, threw the shells about on both sides of him. When he had done eating, being a good Mussulman, he washed his hands, his face, and his feet, and said his prayers. He had not made an end, but was still on his knees, when he saw a genie appear...
Page 79 - When I was a little advanced into th.e island, I saw an old man,* who appeared very weak and feeble. He sat upon the bank of a stream, and at first I took him to be one who had been shipwrecked like myself. I went towards him and saluted him ; but he only bowed his head a little.
Page 75 - I had much liberty, so that scarcely any notice was taken of what I did, and this gave me an opportunity one day to get at a distance from the houses and to make my escape. An old man who saw me, and suspected my design, called to me as loud as he could to return; but instead of obeying him I redoubled my speed, and quickly got out of sight.
Page 25 - I found myself inclined to sleep after dinner, and lay down upon a sofa. Two of her ladies, who were then in my chamber, came and sat down, one at my head, and the other at my feet, with fans in their hands to moderate the heat, and to hinder the flies from troubling me in my sleep.
Page 303 - I am a young woman of quality of Grand Cairo," replied the lady; " I was passing by this castle yesterday, in my way to Bagdad, and met with the black, who killed all my servants, and brought me hither : I wish I had nothing but death to fear ; but to add to my calamity, this monster would persuade me to love him, and, in case I do not yield to-morrow to his brutality, I must expect the last violence. Once more...
Page 318 - I am caliph; but," added he, recollecting himself, "it is only a dream, the effect of the wish I entertained my guest with last night ; " and then he turned himself about, and shut his eyes to sleep again. At the same time the eunuch said, very respectfully, "Commander of the faithful, it is time for your majesty to rise to prayers ; the morning begins to advance.

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