Forgotten Burial: A Restless Spirit's Plea for Justice

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iUniverse, 2011 - True Crime
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Have you ever had an encounter from beyond the grave that made you question reality or your own sanity? You're not alone. This true paranormal story might just scare the skeptic right out of you and inspire you at the same time.

In 1999, clairvoyant Jodi Foster moved with her daughter to a small home in Chico, California. How could she have known the move would land her in the middle of a thirty-two-year-cold alleged murder case? It began with a haunting. Doors slammed shut, televisions blared white static noise, light bulbs exploded, and a phone cord swung next to the bed like a jump rope. There was no denying it; the invisible force wanted itself to be known. Jodi's daughter started talking to an unseen "angel," and Jodi began having terrible nightmares about a woman she had never seen.

Jodi didn't know about a missing California teen named Marie Elizabeth Spannhake. Marie went missing in 1976. With no leads, the police eventually gave up, but her disappearance was linked to a notorious couple called Janice and Cameron Hooker. The Hookers earned publicity for capturing a woman and using her as a sex slave from 1977 to 1984, but was it possible that Marie was their first victim?

She and her daughter moved out of the house in Chico after a mere thirty days, but the nightmares followed Jodi for the next seven years, leading her-and the local authorities-down supernaturally inspired paths and, eventually, to Marie Spannhake. Do you believe in ghosts? You just might, after spending time with Jodi Foster as she discovers Marie and her "FORGOTTEN BURIAL."

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Hey Jodi you did a great job on the book.

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I just read a really good book called “Forgotten…a restless spirit’s plea for justice” by Jodi Foster (not the actress). I highly recommend it.
It is a story about a haunting that takes place
in Chico. Of course, it’s a scary ghost story, but what was most interesting to me, is the “spiritual transformation” that takes place in Jodi’s life.
She starts out with a fairly traditional Christian outlook on life and ends up having a much more personal relationship with what she knows to be God. She questions if she is crazy, and by doing this, she has wonderful inner realizations about her perspective of life.
For example, at one point in the book, she’s sitting by a pool relaxing and thinking about her haunting and wonders about the reality of it. She thinks to herself “What is reality? Were my childhood experiences reality? Were my adult experiences reality? Are prayers and rituals reality? Do they make a difference?”
Of course, we all know these types of questions are the beginning of our personal experience of what we know to be God, our “spiritual awakening” if you will. Throughout the book, she asks for and receives exactly what she needs to go on fearlessly into the unknown through her inner contact with “God”.
As you all know, I just eat this “Spiritual” growth stuff up. I love to converse about what I know to be “God” or my true self which is everlasting and eternal. Jodi has so many “coincidences” happen that she realizes “Life” is no coincidence at all, but that there is a “Purpose” behind our “Now”.
This book is seriously a great read!!

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About the author (2011)

Jodi Foster (Chico, California) is an author, radio, and TV personality, and was the star of the Syfy channel's Paranormal Witness episode entitled, "The Apartment." Forgotten Burial is her debut non-fiction book.

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