The New Testament in Scots: Actes [to] Apocalipsis. Epistles of the Auld Testament quhilk as red in the kyrk aponne certane dayes. Proloue to the Epistile to the Romanis [from Tyndale] Dumme of the Epistille to the Romanis [etc.] Index of words

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Society, 1905
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Page 119 - And it behuvis vs to cum into sum (a) to added above the line. fearing lest they should be cast upon the Syrtis, they lowered the gear, and so were driven.' P. divides the sentence and misses the sense. For summisso vase, Wy. gives ' the vessel vndirsent.' The Vienna Fragments read depositis velis
Page 119 - me. P. misses the sense ; AV., 'ye should have hearkened unto me, and not have loosed from Crete.' and get this wrang and casting out:
Page 193 - or defoulinges, feestinge to gydere, with outen dreede fedynge hem silf.' RV., ' These are they who are hidden rocks (AV., 'spots') in your love-feasts when they feast with you, shepherds that without fear feed themselves.' Thir ar cloudis : so P., breaking up the long sentence by inserting
Page 191 - in Purvey's order, but Wy., with Vg., 'kept and clepid.' Codd. Amiat., Fuld., Tolet., and Lucifer have conseruatis vocatis without et. RV., ' to them that are called, beloved in God the Father, and kept for Jesus Christ.
Page 47 - et hora nona in domo mea. RV., ' Four days ago, until this hour, I was keeping the ninth hour of prayer.' claath : veste. 32. is luget:
Page 170 - verborum a sanctis Prophetis, et Apostolorum vestrorum, praceptorum Domini et Salvatoris; Rh., 'of those words which I told you before from the holy Prophets, and of your Apostles, of the precepts of our Lord and Saviour.
Page 116 - And embarking in a ship of Adramyttium which was about to sail unto the places on the coast of
Page xi - 1864. Vienna Fragments. Portions of the Acts, &c., from the Bobbio Palimpsest (s), now numbered cod. 16 in the Imperial Library at Vienna, ed.
Page 1 - domini fideli narratione ostendit, eundemque ex stirpe dauid descendisse monstrauit. Cui non immerito scribendorum actuum apostolicorum potestas in misterio [ministerio, Gigas] datur, vt deo in deum pleno et filio perditionis extincto, oratione ab apostolis facta, sorte dominice electionis numerus compleretur. Sicque paulus consummationem apostolicis actibus daret, quem diu contra stimulum [stimulos, Fuld.]
Page 80 - like unto gold or silver, or stone, the graving of art and device of man.

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