Secund Fönetic Redur

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Lo[ng]li & Bru[th]ur, fönetic publi[sh]urs, 1851 - Spelling reform - 96 pages
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Page 3 - to be pronounced as at the beginning of age, am, egg, in, on, up. New letters have been invented for the sounds expressed by the italic letters in the under-written words, in the following examples:
Page 66 - him. 3a tel him meni gud and priti storiz. And da tac car ov him. 3a mac him se hs njs and cumfurtab'l it iz tui liv in a hss.
Page 57 - dat a pes ov a broc'n jug wud sine; but de jug itself wud flot if it wer emti. If de jug wer fild ful ov
Page 3 - bdfhjlmnprtvwyz are always to be pronounced as they are now usually pronounced at the • beginning of words; and the three consonants as at the beginning of
Page 91 - de nam he celd an ocs; and so he drui an ocsez hed, and sed it stud fer q: bat woz hiz nam fer a
Page 3 - alphabet is the joint invention of Isaac Pitman and Alexander John Ellis, BA, of England, and
Page 13 - sr erz, and we fel wid sr handz. We can fel wid eni pqrt ov sr bodiz, but we fel best wid sr
Page 3 - The letters of the romanic alphabet (after rejecting k, q and x ) are preserved in their most usual significations. Thus the fifteen consonants
Page 43 - in and st Soin-cot'n iz mad in de sam wa az de tred fer calico, onli it iz twisted
Page 14 - an ap'l. It woz az rsnd az a bel, and it woz gren and red, and it had a

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