Catalogue and Circular, Volumes 15-22

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Page 53 - This part of the examination presupposes a more careful study of each of the works named below. The examination will be upon subject-matter, form and structure, and will also test the candidate's ability to express his knowledge with clearness and accuracy. The books set for this part of the examination will be: — 1896. — Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice; Milton's
Page 62 - So toilsome was the road to trace, The guide, abating of his pace, Led slowly through the pass's jaws, And asked Fitz-James by what strange cause He sought these wilds traversed by few Without a pass from Roderick Dhu.
Page 29 - The design of the normal school is strictly professional; that is, to prepare in the best possible manner the pupils for the work of organizing, governing and teaching the public schools of the Commonwealth. To this end there must be the most thorough knowledge,
Page 53 - before him In the examination paper. The treatment of these topics is designed to test the candidate's power of clear and accurate expression, and will call for only a general knowledge of the substance of the books. In
Page 53 - a general knowledge of the subject-matter, and to answer simple questions on the lives of the authors. The form of examination will usually be the writing of a paragraph or two on each of several topics to be chosen by the candidate from a considerable number— perhaps ten or fifteen—set before him In the examination paper. The treatment of
Page 53 - Webster's First Bunker Hill Oration. 1897. — Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice; Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America; Scott's Marmion; Macaulay's Life of Samuel Johnson. 1898. — Shakespeare's Macbeth; Burke's Speech on Conciliation with America; De Quincey's Flight of a Tartar Tribe; Tennyson's The Princess.
Page 7 - othing can describe the confusion of thought which I felt when I ; into the water; for though I swam very well, yet I could not
Page 17 - years, and is divided into terms of twenty weeks each, with daily sessions of not less than five days each week. " STUDIES. "TWO years' course. " Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Book-keeping. " Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry. " Physiology, Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography. " Language, Reading, Orthography, Etymology, Grammar, Rhetoric, Literature, Composition. " Penmanship, Drawing, Vocal Music, Gymnastics.
Page 16 - years, and is divided into terms of twenty weeks each, with daily sessions of not less than five days each week. STUDIES. TWO YEARS' course. Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, book-keeping. Physics, astronomy, chemistry. Physiology, botany, zoology, mineralogy, geology, geography. Language, reading, orthography, etymology, grammar, rhetoric, literature, composition. Penmanship, drawing, vocal music, gymnastics. Psychology, science
Page 31 - evidence of superior scholarship and special aptness to teach, may, with the approval of the principal of the school and of the Board of Visitors, select from the above curriculum of study a course which may be completed in one year, and when such course is successfully completed they shall receive a certificate for the same.

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