The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 55

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A. and C. Black, 1841 - Medicine
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Page 516 - With frenzy wild breaks loose; and loud to Heaven Screaming, the dreadful policy arraigns, Inhuman and unwise. The sullen door Yet uninfected, on its cautious hinge, Fearing to turn, abhors society. Dependents, friends, relations, love himself, Savaged by woe, forget the tender tie, The sweet engagement of the feeling heart. But
Page 516 - their selfish care : the circling sky, The wide enlivening air, is full of fate; And struck by turns, in solitary pangs, They fall unblest, untended, and unmourned. Thus, o'er the prostrate city, black Despair Extends her raven wing ; while to complete The scene of desolation,
Page 229 - contact with the internal carotid artery. These connections of the motor nerves of the eye with the sympathetic are so well known that it is unnecessary to dwell upon them here, further than to notice the fact, as it will serve to throw light upon those instances of temporary strabismus. which accompany affections of 'the
Page 8 - act and react upon each other through the spongy and cellular walls of the placental vessels, and the thin sac ensheathing them, in the same manner as the blood in the branchial vessels of aquatic animals is acted upon by the water in which they float. According to this view of the structure of the placenta, the
Page 567 - Each Dissertation must be accompanied by a sealed letter, containing the name and address of the author, and inscribed on the back with a motto. The same motto must also be prefixed to the Dissertation to which the letter belongs. None of the sealed letters are ever opened, except that bearing the same motto with the successful essay.
Page 74 - to have torn away the uterus from its connections, than to have brought the child away by direct extractive force. The fundus and body of the uterus felt very. hard. The 'child was vigorously alive when first taken hold of, but, from the length of time occupied in extracting the head, it became so enfeebled as to show only
Page 98 - I began, as soon as the sweating stage was established, by giving three grains of piperine every hour, until eighteen grains had been taken; and on the following day, when the intermission was complete, I gave the same quantity every three hours. It has in every case succeeded
Page iii - Human Physiology. By John Elliotson, MD. Cantab. FRS; with -which is incorporated much of the elementary part of the Institutiones Physiologicre of JF Blumenbach,
Page 188 - This gives the classification a peculiar property. Wherever the absolute mortality is low, the number of deaths in the epidemic class is less than the number in the pulmonary class ; and, on the contrary, wherever the deaths in the first class exceed or equal those in the third, it may be affirmed that the absolute mortality is
Page 483 - several very large and exceedingly transparent vesicles. These disappear, and are succeeded by a smaller and more numerous set; several sets thus successively come into view, the vesicles of each succeeding set being more numerous and smaller than the last, until a

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