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Mr. Molloy (Charles)
Printed; and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster., 1732 - Great Britain
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The journal from which these essays were selected was written in opposition to the government. It commenced in 1728 and was continued for nearly eight years. A great part was written by Charles Molloy.

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Page 167 - No body can be healthful without exercise, neither natural body nor politic, and certainly to a kingdom or estate a just and honourable war is the true exercise. A civil war indeed is like the heat of a fever ; but a foreign war is like the heat of exercise, and serveth to keep the body in health ; for in a slothful peace both courages will effeminate and manners corrupt.
Page 170 - Majesties, which shall have the same force, and be under the same guaranty as the treaty signed this day, that under that general denomination are comprehended the Treaties of Peace and of Commerce concluded at Utrecht, the...
Page 30 - ... debauched in principles. However, monarchy has this advantage, that the one man, their Prince, is mortal, and if bad, he may be fucceeded by a better ; but a people thoroughly corrupted never returns to right reafon...
Page 174 - The faid commiflaries fhall likewife examine, and decide, according to the treaties, the refpective pretenfions which relate to the abufes that are fuppofed to have been committed in commerce, as well in the Indies as in Europe, and all the other refpedtive pretenfions in America, rounded on treaties, whether with refpedt to the limits or otherwife.
Page 170 - Indies, should be re-established on the foot of the Treaties and Conventions antecedent to the year 1725, and particularly that the commerce of the English nation in America should be...
Page 20 - I have alfb inferted in the faid Writing; nor have I given my Vote in Parliament for any Reward or Promife whatsoever. So help me God, &c.
Page 214 - Breft, they muft either run into the German Ocean, and wait another Opportunity of coming down again , with the Hazard of meeting all our Men of War; or elfe fail North about Great Britain, which is at leafl f jo Leagues more than they need have failed, with the Port of Dunkirk to fly to.
Page 212 - The Port of London is allowed to carry two " Parts in three, or fix Parts in nine of the foreign " Trade of England. We may give one Ninth ** to the Ports on the South Coafts of this Ifland, •' which South Coaft is oppofite to the North Coaft 44 of France, the Sea between which is what we 44 call the Chanel.
Page 174 - Majefties, who fhall nffemble at the Court of Spain, within the Space of four Months after the Exchange of the Ratifications of the pl-efent Treaty, or fooner if it can be done, to examine and decide what concerns the Ships and Effects taken at Sea on either Side, to the Time fpecified in the preceding Article.
Page 20 - Name, or by the Appointment, or with the Knowledge of his Majefty, or any of them...

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