The Laughing Prince: A Book of Jugoslav Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

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Harcourt, Brace, 1921 - Fairy tales - 286 pages
"I have used the word Jugoslav in its literal sense of Southern Slav"--Page v.

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Page 164 - ... vineyard. While the old man ate, the frog girl would hop up into the branches of a tree and sing. She sang very sweetly and her old father, when he petted her, used to call her his Little Singing Frog. Now one day while she was singing the Tsar's Youngest Son rode by and heard her. He stopped his horse and looked this way and that but for the life of him he couldn't see who it was who was singing so sweetly. " Who is singing?
Page 63 - ... traveled through towns and cities and many kingdoms, over rough mountains and desert places, looking everywhere for her enchanted love. But nowhere could she find any trace of him. At the end of the first year she had worn out the first pair of iron shoes and the first iron staff. At the end of the second year she had worn out the second pair of iron shoes and the second iron staff. At the end of the third year, when she had worn out the third pair of iron shoes and the third staff, she returned...
Page 26 - So Stefan and the little Princess were married and from that day the castle was no longer gloomy but rang with laughter and merriment. Presently the people of the kingdom, following the example of their rulers, were laughing, too, and cracking jokes and, strange to say, they soon found they were working all the better for their jollity.
Page vi - Slavic, which have made that imagination what it is to-day. Here are gay picaresque tales of adventure — how they go on and on and on! — charming little stories of sentiment, a few folk tales of stark simplicity and grim humor, one story showing a superficial Turkish influence, and one spiritual allegory as deep and moving as anything in the Russian.
Page 165 - I'd be willing to marry her at once and take her home to my father, the Tsar!
Page 24 - I" the first lady-in-waiting murmured with a toss of her head. " Yes, beautiful nonsense ! " the Princess cried, clapping her hands and going off into peal after peal of merry laughter.
Page 44 - I am sure I can cure you," Danilo told her, " provided you confess to me all your misdeeds and hand over to me whatever you have that belongs to some one else.
Page 67 - Do you suppose she ever was really beautiful or did we just imagine it? " And the neighboring kings when they heard this remarked softly among themselves : " It's just as well we didn't hurry one of our sons into a marriage with this young woman !
Page 61 - Her father looked at her severely. " Is that the way for a princess to talk? Persist in this foolishness and you may embroil your country in war!
Page 246 - As for you, you poor blind beggar, is there anything you would like me to do for you before I ride away? " Vilas at Play the spring that is under the fir tree not far from here. There I can bathe my wounds and sit in the shade.

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