Reports of the Board of Public Utility Commissioners of the State of New Jersey, Volume 4

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Page 339 - Whether in a particular case an apparent consent was in fact voluntarily given or was in submission to an express or implied assertion of authority, is a question of fact to be determined in the light of all the circumstances.
Page 25 - ORDER This case being at issue upon complaint and answer on file, and having been duly heard and submitted by the parties, and full investigation of the matters and things involved having been had, and the Commission having, on the date hereof, made and filed...
Page 165 - To furnish safe, adequate and proper service and to keep and maintain its property and equipment in such condition as to enable it to do so.
Page 404 - An act concerning public utilities ; to create a Board of Public Utility Commissioners, and to prescribe its duties and powers," approved April twentyfirst, one thousand nine hundred and eleven.
Page 361 - ... and shall also be liable to an action for damages at the suit of the purchaser or mortgagee, or those claiming under the...
Page 17 - ... the estate, property, rights, privileges and franchises of such other corporation, and they shall vest in and be held and enjoyed by it as fully and entirely and without change or diminution as the same were before held and enjoyed by such, other corporation, and be managed and controlled by the board of directors of such possessor corporation, and in its name, but without prejudice to any liabilities of such other corporation or the rights of any creditors thereof.
Page 410 - That the authority contained in this order to issue and pledge securities is upon the express condition that the petitioner accepts and agrees to comply in good faith with the provisions hereof and before any securities are issued pursuant hereto and within thirty days of the service hereof, the said...
Page 444 - Such corporation may erect, construct and maintain the necessary fixtures for its lines upon, over or under any of the public roads, streets and highways; and through, across or under any of the waters within the limits of this state, and upon, through or over any other land, subject to the right of the owners thereof to full compensation for the same.
Page 469 - ORDER. • . This case being at issue' upon complaint and answer on file and having been duly heard and submitted by the parties, and full investigation of the matters and things involved having been had, and the...
Page 429 - ... private side track which may be constructed to connect with its railroad, where such connection is reasonably practicable and can be put in with safety and will furnish sufficient business to justify the construction and maintenance of the same...

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