Denver Medical Times, Volume 11

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s.l., 1891
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Page 464 - But the contest without a piano was like the play of Hamlet with the part of Hamlet left out.
Page 155 - I know no study which is so unutterably saddening as that of the evolution of humanity, as it is set forth in the annals of history. Out of the darkness of prehistoric ages man emerges with the marks of his lowly origin strong upon him. He is a brute, only more intelligent than the other brutes ; a blind prey to impulses, which as often as not lead him to destruction ; a victim to endless illusions, which make his mental existence a terror and a burden, and fill his physical life with barren toil...
Page 135 - Sexual Neurasthenia (Nervous Exhaustion). Its Hygiene, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment. With a Chapter on Diet for the Nervous.
Page 215 - HANDBOOK OF MATERIA MEDICA, PHARMACY AND THERAPEUTICS. Including the Physiological Action of Drugs, the Special Therapeutics of Disease, Official and Practical Pharmacy and Minute Directions for Prescription Writing.
Page 421 - Diseases of the Lungs, Heart, and Kidneys. By NS DAVIS, JR., AM, MD, Professor of Principles and Practice of Medicine, Chicago Medical College, etc. 12mo. Over 300 pages. Extra Cloth Net, 1.25 DAVIS— Consumption : How to Prevent it and How to Live with it.
Page 365 - Do not forget that incisions for abscesses in neck and face should run parallel with the wrinkles and folds. Do not be afraid of hurting the lacteal tubes in mammary abscess. More harm is done to the gland...
Page 445 - Throne-steps divide us : they're soon climbed perhaps : I have a bit of FIAT in my soul, And can myself create my little world. Had I been born a four-legged child, methinks I might have found the steps from dog to man, And crept into his nature. Are there not Those that fall down out of humanity, Into the story where the four-legged dwell ? But to the conclave with my message quickly : I've got a deal to do.
Page 523 - The Belgian Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, under the patronage of the Belgian Government, has taken the initiative in organizing "The International Periodical Congress of Gynaecology and Obstetrics," the first session of which will be held in Brussels, September 14 to 19, inclusive, 1892.
Page 326 - THEOPHILUS REDWOOD, Professor of Chemistry and Pharmacy to the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

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