American Photography, Volume 16

Front Cover
Frank Roy Fraprie
American Photographic Publishing Company, 1922 - Photography
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This scan job is unreadable on many pages, especially the last 100 pages.

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Page 402 - You are old,' said the youth, 'and your jaws are too weak For anything tougher than suet; Yet you finished the goose, with the bones and the beak - Pray how did you manage to do it?
Page 594 - Relative aperture is expressed as an f'/number, which represents the focal length of the lens divided by the diameter of the aperture.
Page 344 - The writer of this book starts with the fundamental laws of the propagation of light, and carefully and logically carries the reader through the principles of geometrical optics to a complete explanation of the action of all types of photographic lenses, and a description of their qualities and defects. Only the simplest mathematics is used, and this sparingly. The book is brilliantly worked out and is indispensable in the photographic, library, being the only modern and comprehensive work on the...
Page 673 - Salon is to exhibit only that class of work in Pictorial Photography in which there is distinct evidence of personal artistic feeling and execution.
Page xxxv - I5uy or Trade Outfits Perhaps you have one you wish to trade or sell. Send in a complete description of it and we will make you the very best offer in cash or trade. CENTRAL, CAMERA CO.
Page 238 - But this beauty of Nature which is seen and felt as beauty, is the least part. The shows of day, the dewy morning, the rainbow, mountains, orchards in blossom, stars, moonlight, shadows in still water, and the like, if too eagerly hunted, become shows merely, and mock us with their unreality.
Page 709 - ... muscular strength and feminine delicacy; or of the appearances which pain or death present, belongs to its province as much as the study of the muscles of the face when affected in emotion. Viewed in this comprehensive light, anatomy forms a. science not only of great interest, but one which will be sure to give the artist a true spirit of observation, teach him to distinguish what is essential to just expression, and direct his attention to appearances on which the effect and force, as well...
Page 560 - Which is why I remark, And my language is plain, That for ways that are dark, And for tricks that are vain, The heathen Chinee is peculiar — Which the same I am free to maintain.
Page 673 - Photography, under the auspices of the Photographic Section of the Academy of Science and Art, will be held in the Galleries of the Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa., from March 1st to 31st, inclusive.
Page 734 - ... imaginings : My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical, Shakes so my. single state of man, that function Is smother'd in surmise ; and nothing is But what is not. Ban. Look, how our partner's rapt Macb.

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