Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

After terminally cute campus high-jinks (The Big U) and a smug but attention-grabbing eco-thriller (Zodiac), Stephenson leaps into near-future Gibsonian cyberpunk—with predictably mixed results. The familiar-sounding backdrop: The US government has been sold off; businesses are divided up into autonomous franchises ("franchulates") visited by kids from the heavily protected independent ... Read full review

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Utterly Brilliant!

User Review  - BratPrinceRy - Borders

This was the first cyber punk I've ever read and good god it was amazing! Cyber punk is a branch of Sci-Fi that combines "high tech with low life", (thanks wiki), which means hackers in almost ... Read full review


User Review  - Ryan J. - Borders

Snow Crash is a wonderfully written book. It is full of detail, mystery, and sarcasm. Though the language can be lengthy and hard for anyone with a smaller vocabulary to understand this book is a ... Read full review

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This was the first book of Stephenson I read. Loved it, then went on to read more of his stuff.
Great book.

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Rusty N - Goodreads

I don't have a lot to say about it. It was an excellent book. I loved the examinations of philosophy, religion, psychology, etc. You can't go wrong with pizza-delivering hacker-detective-spy sword fighters! Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - BH - Goodreads

A very influential book in my work in the web - when I read it in 1994 its prescience was instrumental in my understanding of how the newly formed space called the web would evolve. Still worth a read ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Jim Bradford - Goodreads

I can't think of a single written work, in all of human history, that has managed to combine forgettable, vapid characters (with terrible names) along with a more ill-conceived setting (positively ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Shelly - The Illustrated Librarian - - Goodreads

Snow Crash is a truly visionary work, but not an easy read. The surface plot involves two young accidental heroes in a futuristic United States. YT and Hiro attempt to figure out and terminate a mind ... Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Aaron - Goodreads

Read my review here on my blog! Read full review

Review: Snow Crash

User Review  - Maré Odomo - Goodreads

So much I don't remember from the first time I read it (in high school). So incredible. I'm really glad I went through it a second time. This is something I rarely do and don't often have time for. It ... Read full review

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