The Historie and Cronicles of Scotland: From the Slauchter of King James the First to the Ane Thousande Fyve Hundreith Thrie Scoir Fyftein Zeir, Volume 2

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Society, 1899 - Scotland
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Page 330 - SCOTORUM HISTORIAE A PRIMA GENTIS ORIGINE, cum Aliarum et Rerum et Gentium Illustratione non vulgari, Libri XIX.
Page 68 - I say, any unlearned man, and not exercised in the word of God, nor yet constant in his faith, whatsoever estate or order he be of, I say, he hath no power to bind or loose, seeing he wanteth the instrument by the which he bindeth or looseth, that is to say, the word of God.
Page 379 - ... in the meane tyme befor the kingis face, and in presentis of all his lordis that was about him for the tyme this man wanischit away and could in no wayis be sen nor comprehendit, bot wanischit away as he had bene ane blink of the sone or ane quhipe of the whirle wind and could no more be seine.
Page 338 - The bull's head was in those days a token of death, say our histories; but how it hath come in use to be taken and signify, neither do they, nor any else tell us; neither is it to be found, that I remember, anywhere in history, save in this one place...
Page 419 - the most vain and insolent man in the world, full of pride and folly, and here nothing at all esteemed...
Page 62 - First and chiefly, since the time I came into this realm, I taught nothing but the Ten Commandments of God, the Twelve Articles of the Faith, and the Prayer of the Lord, in the mother tongue. Moreover, in Dundee, I taught the Epistle of...
Page 376 - And so at the hennest bancat pheirs and play vpone the thrid day thair come ane clwdd out of the rwffe of the hall as appeirit to men and opnit and cleikkit vp the blak lady...
Page 370 - Though most unworthy of the name. A letter forged ! Saint Jude to speed ! Did ever knight so foul a deed ! At first in heart it liked me ill, When the king praised his clerkly skill. Thanks to Saint Bothan, son of mine, Save Gawain, ne'er could pen a line : So swore I, and I swear it still, Let my boy-bishop fret his fill.
Page 411 - did counterfeit the late King's testament ; and when the King was even almost dead, he took his hand in his, and so caused him to subscribe a blank paper
Page 359 - ... Blount is knighted, &c. On the contrary part, is dead Lord Clifford, Lord Nevile, Lord Welles, Lord Willoughby, Anthony Lord Scales, Lord Harry, and by supposition the Earl of Northumberland, Andrew Trollop, with many others, gentle and commons, to the number of twenty thousand. Item, King Harry, the queen, the prince, Duke of Somerset, Duke of Exeter, Lord Roos be fled into Scotland, and they be chased and followed, &c.

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