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Page 137 - I exult, Casting reserve away, exult to see An intellectual mastery exercised O'er the blind elements ; a purpose given, A perseverance fed ; almost a soul Imparted — to brute matter. I rejoice, Measuring the force of those gigantic powers, That by the thinking mind have been compelled To serve the will of feeble-bodied Man.
Page 48 - ... eels, alewives, or a kind of herring, or any other sort of fish. But they dry mostly those sorts before mentioned. These they cut in pieces, bones and all, . and boil them in the aforesaid pottage.
Page 119 - Continental Congress should, for the Safety of the Colonies, declare them Independent of the Kingdom of Great Britain, they, the Inhabitants, will solemnly engage, with their Lives and Fortunes to support them in the Measure...
Page 54 - That whereas the great and known end of the first comers, in the year of our Lord, 1620, leaving their dear Native Country, and all that was dear to them there; Transporting themselves over the vast Ocean into this remote waste Wilderness, and therein willingly conflicting with Dangers, Losses, Hardships and Distresses sore and not a few ; WAS, that without offence, they under the protection of their Native Prince, together with the...
Page 42 - Indulge, my native land, indulge the tear That steals, impassioned, o'er a nation's doom. To me, each twig from Adam's stock is near, And sorrows fall upon an Indian's tomb.
Page 54 - And to their centre earth's old kingdoms shake. Pontiff and prince, your sway Must crumble from that day; Before the loftier throne of Heaven, The hand is raised, the pledge is given, One monarch to obey, one creed to own — That monarch, God, that creed, his word alone.
Page 156 - Had o'er his temper breathed a gay serene. Him science taught by mystic lore to trace The planets wheeling in eternal race ; To mark the ship in floating balance held, By earth attracted, and by seas repell'd ; Or point her devious track through climes unknown That leads to every shore and every zone.
Page 109 - The act was first hawked about the streets, with a Death's head affixed to it, and styled the " Folly of England, and the Ruin of America," and afterwards publicly burnt by the enraged populace.
Page 56 - Acton do, within three years from the publication of this act erect and finish a suitable house for the public worship of God, and procure and settle a learned, orthodox minister of good conversation, and make provision for his comfortable and honorable support.
Page 111 - We now think, that particular care should be taken by the towns and districts in this colony, that each of the minute men, not already provided therewith, should be immediately equipped with an effective fire-arm, bayonet, pouch, knapsack, thirty rounds of cartridges and ball, and that they be disciplined three times a week, and oftener, as opportunity may offer.

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