The Embryology and Oögenesis of Anurida Maritima (Guér) ...

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Ginn, 1898 - Anurida maritima - 1 pages
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Page 286 - 84 WILL, L. Ueber die Entstehung des Dotters und der Epithelzellen bei den Amphibien und Insecten.
Page 286 - Zool., 114, 1915, pp. 233-402, 2 pis., I chart and 2 text-figs. 1890. Wheeler, WM On the Appendages of the First Abdominal Segment of Embryo Insects. Trans. Wis. Acad. Sc. Arts. Lett., 8, 1890, pp. 87-140, 3 pis. 1900. Wheeler, WM A Study of Some Texan Ponerinae.
Page 287 - 83 Wood-Mason, J. Notes on the structure, post-embryonic development and systematic position of Scolopendrella. Ann.
Page 286 - RYDER, JA The Structure, Affinities and Species of Scolopendrella. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci., Phila., for 1881, p.
Page 267 - ... of Malpighian tubules associated with hindgut. 6. Sexes are separate. Subclass- 1 Progeneata 1. The genital apertures are situated near the anterior end of the body. Order (i) Pauropoda 1. The trunk segments are eleven and anal segment is also present. 2. There are 9 pairs of legs. 3. The head bears one pair of antennae, one pair of mandibles and one pair of maxillae. 4. These are without blood vascular system and trachea. Example: Pauropus. Order (ii) Diplopoda 1. Body is usually cylindrical....
Page 280 - Since finishing this article, two contributions have been made to our knowledge of the development of the Apterygota, in both cases of the Thysanura.
Page 287 - ZOGRAFF, N. Materialien zur Kenntnis der Embryonalentwicklung von Geophilus ferrugineus, LK und G.

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