The author's daughter, Volume 2

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Page 215 - But if full success cannot be had, he is satisfied to be by a river, to see all that is to be seen, and hear all that is to be heard, to absorb all the beauty of the riverside, to enjoy the blessing of solitude in an over-populous world.
Page 13 - ... newspapers, and all that sort of thing, I shall get my counsel to plead insanity, on the ground that my brain had been softened by the perpetual pressure of good advice. Now don't be angry with me, Cecil," cried the wilful Florence, melting, after her own particular fashion, into sudden penitence; " I know you are the best and dearest friend I have in the world except papa, and I would do any thing to please you. But as to Sir Nugent Evershed, I have nothing to do with his intimacy with my husband....
Page 256 - ... and, therefore, being once so far settled that they cannot be removed, that is accounted a settlement. It would be the hardest case imaginable upon servants who come to London with their masters, and live one half of the year in London, and the other half in the country...
Page 27 - He worshipped her, adored her, he had loved her from the first day he had seen her, he would love her for ever.
Page 32 - I hear that she is trying hard to get into society at home, not AustralianEnglish, but real English society, county people and that sort of...
Page 4 - They that have just eneuch may soundly sleep ; The o'ercome only fashes folk to keep — " in a different sense from what was probably intended by the author of the " Gentle Shepherd," for the o'ercome or the surplus really gave her a great deal of trouble.
Page 264 - Darlington paid to her cousin, and she felt that it would be well to keep on the right side of so distinguished a person.

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