Anglia: Zeitschrift für englische Philologie

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Page 330 - your self dothe know | it is not long agoe sins that for love one of the race | did end his life in woe In towre both strong and highe | for his assured truthe Wheare as in teares he spent | his breath | alas the more the ruthe This gentle beast lykewise | who nothinge could remove
Page 302 - lusty youth, or when my heeres are graye. Set me in heauen, in earth, or els in hell, In hyll, or dale, or in the fomying flood: Thrall, or at large, aliue where so I dwell: •Sicke, or in health: in euyll fame, or good. Hers will I be, and
Page 285 - sgombra. Mentr'io portava i be' pensier celati C'hanno la mente desiando morta, Vidivi di pietate ornare il volto: Ma poi ch' Amor di me vi fece accorta, Fur i biondi capelli allor velati, E l'amoroso sguardo in se raccolto. Quel
Page 299 - taketh his flight where he doth lorke and playne his purpose lost and dare not shew his face for my lordes gilt thus fawtles byde I payine yet from my Lorde shall not my foote remove sweet is the death that taketh end by love.
Page 293 - I know and can be roote the tale that I wold tell but ofte the wordes come forth a wrye of hym that loveth well I know in heat and cold the lover how he shakes In singinge how he can complayne, in sleaping how he wakes to languishe
Page 329 - a fayrer beast, a fressher hew | beheld I never none Save that her lookes wear fearce | and froward eke her grace toward the whiche this gentle beast | gan hym advaunce apace and with a beck full low | he bowed at her feete in humble wyse as who wold say | I am to farr unmeete
Page 330 - I can devoure no yelding pray | you kill wheare you subdue My kynd is to desyre | the honour of the field and you with blood to slake your thurst | of suche as to you yelde Wherefore I wolde you wist | that for your Coy lookes I am no man that will be traynd nor tanglyd bye suche hookes
Page 329 - and unto her thus gan he say | whan he was past his rage Crewell you do me wronge | to sett me thus so light without desert for my good will | to shew me such dispight how can you thus entreat | a Lyon of the race
Page 289 - have mist the ball and got sight of our dame to bayte her eyes which kept the leddes above the graveld ground with sieves tyed on the helme on fomynge horse with swordes and frendlye hertes with chere as thoughe the one should overwhelme
Page 310 - In stede of whom I saw, with fyerce and crwell mode wher wrong was set that blody beast, that drounke the giltles blode Then thought I thus one day, the lord shall sitt in dome to vewe his flock and chose the pure; the spotted haue no rome . Yet be suche skourges sent, that

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