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Harry Potter's mommy has a potty mouth.The wires have been abuzz for months with the news that Rowling was writing a new book—and this one a departure from her Potter franchise, a book for grown-ups. The wait was worth it, and if Rowling's focus remains on tortured adolescents (as if there were any other kind), they're teenagers trapped without any magic whatsoever in a world full of Muggles ... Read full review

Review: The Casual Vacancy

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Imagine for a moment that you are JK Rowling. Your internationally bestselling novels about an orphan boy who attends an imaginary school for wizards and witches, over which you labored for 10 years, have sold hundreds of millions of copies. They have been translated into 73 languages and turned into eight blockbuster movies. Harry Potter is now and probably will remain a household name for ... Read full review

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I gave this book 230 pages of benefit of the doubt; have stopped there and have binned this dreadful book.
What were the publishers thinking about?

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The idea people are seemly finding so hard to grasp is that Rowling never intended to write a book and expect it to reach the levels previously shown by Harry Potter. Branching out, she has wrote a novel for adults, something else readers obviously have failed to notice. Many need to except that the works Rowling will write probably will never reach Potter standards again, and when she as a author has changed her writing style to that of something worlds away from her books previously, the reader had to admire her diversity. I personally love the analysis of the middle classes, and think the book is fabulous. 

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I am an admirer of J.K. Rowling. I find her style very remarkable and entertaining. But while, The Casual Vacancy was remarkably detailed, I found it difficult to get through the book in its entirety. Although the characters were intricately written with real life afflictions and problems, the story overall didn’t hold my interest with the same zest appeal as her other books. It seemed to take a long to connect the characters with the center of the definition of casual vacancy and even then I didn’t see the connection of all the character perspectives tying into the casual vacancy.
I pre-ordered the book, back in August of 2012, but after months of trying to get through it I saw light at the end of the tunnel. I believe had the narrator not done such an interest job, excellently differentiating between character voices and tones, I may have not made it through.
The Casual Vacancy seemed to be nothing more than intricately woven day-to-day interactions and feelings of about eight or more people that lived in a small town. In the beginning I understood the detail and circumstances surrounding the death of Barry Fairbrother, but then it took a left turn into a really long conversation about each other and their interactions and memories of Barry and less about the vacant council seat. Other than interesting details of drugs, sex, and unhappy marriages, I found the story very difficult to finish. I rate this book at 3, but would not recommend it.

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Loved Harry Potter. Hated Casual Vacancy. Spend your money on something else!!

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Boring plot, too many characters and generally awful.

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The Casual Vacancy
I hadsuch high expectations tgat were nit met.I jumped 100 pages and did not feel i missed anythimg.

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Its not potter
Seems like all the poor reviews come from those comparing the casual vacancy with harry potter. This is not potter. This is the first jk rowling book i have read and as others have
noted, the early character development is a bit slow. But then it get going and wow, it sweeps you along with it, you feel you really know the characters well. Jk rowling is a gifted writer and she deserves recognition for this work in its own right. Highly recommended. 

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