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Means could have used a better copy editor. Though from the stories he told, he's one stubborn SOB, the publisher probably tried to real him in and this is the best they got. I tried reading the dead ... Read full review

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This is the best book i believe i have ever read; I've actually read it twice purely because there is so much information in it that i couldn't take it all in at first.
I personally took a dislike
to the man (and believe now he's older he has sold himself out to the people he spent his life fighting against). I don't agree with the way he has done certain things, but I believe in everything he stands for and understand that there were certain things that had to be done to get the point across. At the end of the day he had to do what was right for him and his people at the time. It chronicles life as a native in the 20th century, and how himself and his people have tried to get back what they are rightly owed, and to gain the respect that they so rightly deserve. How they want to be seen as equals and be allowed to be themselves.
It also chronicles the kind of man that he was; at times not the nicest person, but he is able to own up to his faults and face his own personal demons, which is no mean feat for anyone.
Many people outside the US see the Native people as some kind of magical, spiritual beings (almost deity like); they're not. They are real humans facing uphill struggles and battles that we (unless you are an indigenous person) could never understand. Russell brings those struggles to life in the way he tells his story. Whether you love or loathe him at the end of this book, you can't help but be touched by it in some way.
If you only read one book in your life, make it this book.

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This book is misleading and inaccurate. Means mentions the murder of my Mother by Harold Withorne. The authors statements are not based on the truth of what really happened, the evidence, etc. to the point that even my Mother's name was mis-spelled. I feel like a victim all over again. Means had no business mentioning my mother's name in his book, and publishing false facts regarding her murder and implying the innoncence of Harold Withorne. If he were alive, I would Sue him. He didn't care about the true facts of the case. He used the murder of my Mother to further his AIM agenda. 

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Love him or hate him, Russell Means was the public face of the re-birth of native american pride and self esteem, a true American revolutionary. Russell's life was a paradox, being flamboyant and humble at the same time, a drug and alcohol addict abandoning his multiple wives and kids and yet dedicated to those in need and the great cause of Indian self determination and treaty rights. Russell means was largely self taught and a man of great intellect. Many of his compatriots did not like him, felt he was grand standing, addicted to fame yet despite what was said and thought about him, he put the American Indian Movement on the map, he made America and the world at large aware of the plight and despair of America's indigenous peoples and for that he is a hero - an imperfect one, but which of America's recognized heroes were truly perfect ? It is a good read, gives a good insight into Russell Means' personality, the man and what he was about. Lets not see the petty flaws that surrounded Russell Means but focus on the big picture, the champion of his people and the land that he loved 

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I had to give this drivel a rating of none. Growing up I heard a lot about Means, the Aim movement, and the Country Club incident on Rosebud. My father is Tom Rhoads the red headed police chief Means loves to hate. It's amazing the facts Means left out. Perhaps he should re-read the witness statements of people his group held hostage and review the crime scene photo's. It's always amazing to me how big and bad some one tends to be telling their own story, after all that's all this work of fiction is....just a story. 

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I started reading this book round July 3rd 2012. I just completed it today 12-01-2013. After reading this and Black Elk Speaks, I think this should be a required reading for every student in America to read or at best recommended. Native American or not.

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