Englische Studien, herausg. von E. Kölbing. Generalregister zu Band 1-25, zusammengestellt von A. Kölbing. Generalregister zu Band 26-50, zusammengestellt von A. Wagner, Volume 2

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Eugen Kölbing

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Page 439 - By heaven, methinks it were an easy leap, To pluck bright honour from the pale-fac'd moon ; Or dive into the bottom of the deep, Where fathom-line could never touch the ground, And pluck up drowne'd honour by the locks...
Page 453 - Between the acting of a dreadful thing And the first motion, all the interim is Like a phantasma, or a hideous dream: The genius, and the mortal instruments, Are then in council; and the state of man, Like to a little kingdom, suffers then The nature of an insurrection.
Page 243 - Achilles' image stood his spear, Grip'd in an armed hand ; himself, behind, Was left unseen, save to the eye of mind : A hand, a foot, A face, a leg, a head, Stood for the whole to be imagined.
Page 457 - Friend hast thou none ; For thine own bowels, which do call thee sire, The mere effusion of thy proper loins, Do curse the gout, serpigo, and the rheum, For ending thee no sooner : Thou hast nor youth, nor age; But, as it were, an after-dinner's sleep, Dreaming on both : for all thy blessed youth Becomes as aged, and doth beg the alms Of palsied eld...
Page 531 - Whereas Mr. Thomas Otway some time before his death, made four Acts of a Play, whoever can give notice in whose hands the copy lies, either to Mr. Thomas Betterton, or to Mr. William Smith, at the Theatre Royal, shall be well rewarded for his pains.
Page 194 - I have been studying how I may compare This prison where I live unto the world: And for because the world is populous, And here is not a creature but myself, I cannot do it; yet I'll hammer it out.
Page 114 - The other boyes to doe the like, In pieces broke them quite; For which they were most soundly whipt, Whereat he laught outright.
Page 529 - Hath yeven us this, al-though we hadde it sworn ; So stood the heven whan that we were born ; We moste endure it : this is the short and pleyn.
Page 440 - As full of spirit as the month of May, And gorgeous as the sun at midsummer? Wanton as youthful goats, wild as young bulls.
Page 529 - Quest' è colei, eh' è tanto posta in croce Pur da color, che le dovrian dar lode, Dandole biasmo a torto e mala voce. Ma ella s' è beata, e ciò non ode : Con 1' altre prime creature lieta Volve sua spera, e beata si gode.

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