Infection, Immunity and Serum Therapy: In Relation to the Infectious Diseases which Attack Man; with Considerations of the Allied Subjects of Agglutination, Precipitation, Hemolysis, Etc

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American medical association, 1908 - Communicable diseases - 599 pages
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Page 76 - Act to regulate the sale of viruses, serums, toxins, and analogous products in the District of Columbia, to regulate interstate traffic in said articles, and for other purposes,
Page 524 - ... 5. Yellow fever can also be experimentally produced by the subcutaneous injection of blood taken from the general circulation during the first and second days of this disease. 6. An attack of yellow fever, produced by the bite of the mosquito, confers immunity against the subsequent injection of the blood of an individual suffering from the non-experimental form of this disease.
Page 525 - The spread of yellow fever can be most effectually controlled by measures directed to the destruction of mosquitoes and the protection of the sick against the bites of these insects.
Page 524 - ... 8. Yellow fever is not conveyed by fomites, and hence disinfection of articles of clothing, bedding, or merchandise, supposedly contaminated by contact with those sick with this disease, is unnecessary. 9. A house may be said to be infected with yellow fever only when there are present within its walls contaminated mosquitoes capable of conveying the parasite of this disease.
Page 359 - ... that streptococci occur with relatively greater frequency in the more severe and protracted cases of scarlet fever in which there also may develop local complications and clinical signs of general infection, such as joint inflammations...
Page 489 - — an acute endemic, noncontagious, but probably infectious, febrile disease, characterized clinically by a continuous moderately high fever, severe arthritic 'and muscular pains, and a profuse petechial or purpural eruption in the skin, appearing first on the ankles, wrists, and forehead, but rapidly spreading to all parts of the...
Page 432 - Marnicllnuo. . .. , , .„ . 1, that it is possible to produce a specific (serum) therapy for tuberculosis; 2, that it is possible to immunize the animal organism against tuberculosis as is done in other infectious diseases, and that there is good reason for hope for an antituberculosis vaccination for man.
Page 483 - ... of animals and in those of different species as well as with the conditions of infection, and during which the animal remains perfectly well, the first symptom to be noticed is a rise of temperature, and for some days a remittent or intermittent fever may be the only evidence of illness. Later on the animal becomes somewhat stupid; watery, catarrhal discharges from the nose and eyes appear; the hair becomes somewhat roughened and falls out in places. Finally the catarrhal discharges become more...
Page 77 - Serum, expressed in antitoxic units, the name and percentage by volume of the antiseptic used for the preservation of the liquid (if such be used), the date when the Antidiphtheric Serum was last tested, and the date beyond which it will not have the strength indicated on the label or statement.
Page 552 - ... and kept at 37 C. This demonstration shows that it is not difficult to obtain the virus of measles unmixed with other microbes and in such form that it may be studied by various methods.

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