The Monumental History of the Early British Church

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Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1889 - Christian antiquities - 255 pages
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Page 52 - It is astonishing to conceive the courage and skill of the builders of this fine wall, placed as it is on the very edge of the precipice, at a vast height above the sea, with no possible standing ground outside the wall from which the builders could have worked ; yet the face is as perfect as that of Staigne Fort, the interstices of the greater stones filled in with smaller ones, all fitted as compactly and with as marvellous firmness and skill
Page 17 - This church possessed then especial claims for preservation. The Roman architecture gave it a distinctive feature of remote antiquity, of which it would be difficult to find another example in this country. It stood as a monument of the downfall of paganism and the triumph of Christianity; upwards of a thousand years our forefathers had preserved, endowed, and repaired it, and generation after generation had called it theirs, and within its walls had ratified the obligations of social life; they...
Page 51 - has been the scene of annual pilgrimages for many centuries, and the service of the Way of the Cross is still celebrated here, though with some perfectly traditional forms of prayer and customs, such as are only found to exist among the islanders along the west coast of Ireland.
Page 257 - Philosopher and Bishop. By ALICE GARDNER. THE APOSTOLIC FATHERS. By the Rev. HS HOLLAND. THE DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH ; or, The Christian Apologists of the Second and Third Centuries.
Page 233 - ... namely, that after his death his countrymen should be exposed to be repulsed and destroyed, but after a demonstration of his threatening anger should again be protected by the Divine mercy. He who considers the sequel also of the above-named Psalm will perceive that the event corresponded to its meaning. The body of the venerable father was placed on board a ship, and carried to the island of Lindisfarne. It was there met by a large crowd of persons singing psalms, and placed in the church of...
Page 76 - I shall be able, I think, to show reasonable grounds for believing that the bulk, if not all, of our Ogham monuments are Christian ; that some of them represent, perhaps, as old a Christianity as has ever been claimed for the Church in either island ; and that the "Seoti in Christo credentes...
Page 257 - Monographs on the Chief Fathers of the Church, the Fathers selected being centres of influence at important periods of Church History and in important spheres of action. Fcap. 8vo., cloth boards, 2s. each. LEO THE GREAT. By the Rev.

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